Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whoah, Like, Freaky

(Reuters, 10-04-08)

It's kinda wild, right? The craziness? I find the craziness a little overwhelming, to tell you the truth. Sometimes it gets a bit depressing. Seriously, because that's all you can call all this:

One said President Obama is an “Anti-American Arab” who “is not a natural-born citizen.” Many others said that global warming is a hoax, that Obama is a man of divided loyalties and questionable associations, and that the country is headed toward socialist decline.

And, you know, Sarah Palin actually saying –actually saying out loud! In public!– that Obama was going to create "death panels."

(AP Photo, 10-06-08)

And then you realize, that's the thing! The tea-baggers, the birthers, the government-out-of-my-Medicaiders (honestly!)... they are the same people we saw at all those scary Sarah Palin rallies. The same people we saw with, like, the lipsticks, the cutesily dumb catch-phrases, the venomous hatred, the breezy racism, the ones who considered themselves real Americans and the rest of us living on borrowed time.

Are the rest of us living on borrowed time? Because these people are getting freakier and freakier.

And this is the essence to which the GOP has been boiled down, like a toxic caramel.


Lau said...

I keep floating the idea of pulling a reverse-Montana on these people: we withdraw en masse into the Met, or something, generate our own electricity and refuse to have anything to do with them. Besides the obvious bonus of no longer having to think about conservative wackaloons, I think their sense of confusion over the tables being turned would be highly satisfying. So far I have no takers. Or maybe that's the idea behind Portland? I may have to rethink my dislike of Portland.

Cheryl said...

I love your label for this post. So apt.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Good thing for Palin that Obama's not planning Dumb Ass panels.
She'd be a goner.

FranIAm said...

Oh come on - you know it and I know it. If Sarah left baby Trig alone with Obama, that baby would be gone in a second! Just like that.

Death panel, death president. Not like the pro-lifers who love segregated health care, the free market, capital punishment, economic struggle and war.

lebecka said...

God, i wish I had that outfit.

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

I wish we could somehow outlaw stupid.

Madduane said...

Is stupid a crime or a disease?

samael7 said...

Wait, that first picture....wasn't the soundbite supposed to be "lipstick on a pitbull?"

That's a bulldog, not pitbull, I believe. The hound, not the terrier (right?).

That's just multiple, recursive levels of FAIL.

Sue J said...

Samael7, sure it was, just like the Health Care Reform bill actually says "palliative care," not "death panel." But sometimes details are just so inconvenient when one is inciting a good mob frenzy!

Anonymous said...

These are the same people who stood outside Terri Schiavo's facility in Florida, praying and acting outrageous and holding up signs that said, "HOSPICE = DEATH." I sure hope everyone in the hospice & palliative care field — not to mention those of us who think we'd like to control our own destinies at the end of life — have taken note.

desertwind said...

Add in the Ron Paul crazies + the libertarian crazies + the Big L Larouche Libertarian crazies

+ the big money cynical lobbyist exploitin' the crazies

+ the big money cynical Republican pols exploitin' the crazies

+ the Republican pols who are crazy exploitin' the crazies

+ the dopy Blue Dogs exploitin' the crazies

+ the cynical teevee networks (hello CNBC. hello Fox. hello All of You)

+ the cynical book publishers

+ you name it

+ that's a lotta crazy.

You're right, Princess -- it is getting to be not so funny. And it's starting to make me mad.

dguzman said...

I've been crazy-angry for some time now, and it's getting pretty tiring. I'm all for Lau's withdrawal plan. You know it would just be a few of us!

Juliana-Chairwoman said...

we refer to them as "swiftboatbirthbaggers"

Feel free to you it.

They are all coming to Atlanta on Saturday, it will be a huge freakfest in CNN's front yard... meanwhile across town in the park, will be national kiss in for the gay folks. I like the contrast myself.

Brian said...

Wow! It's like these people are afraid of Jesus' eternal embrace or something. Oh ye of little faith... oh wait that doesn't make sense!