Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Richard Cohen is Kinda "Meh" on This Wise Latina Chick

I almost forgot that it was Richard Cohen day today! He's late to the Sotomayor party, but he's going to have his wishy-washy say!

According to Richard, she is smart, but not brilliant. And that's pretty much it, and we have to take his word for it because he then proceeds to not really say anything to convince us that it's true. The end.

Oh, wait, not the end! Richard says that it's too bad Sonia isn't as brilliant and inspiring as Antonin Scalia or John Roberts.

And that's that. No wistful high school memories, no cocktail party anecdotes, no ironic allusions to marital infidelity, none of those things that make us really love to hate a Richard Cohen column.

I probably should have put his head in the upper, lighter pan of the scales.


drew in sf said...

Either that, or hovering slightly above the lighter pan. Or mashed under the base of the scale, using the toothless, black-eyed version.

puravida said...

Actually, Princess, I think you have it exactly right. I imagine in the next panel, the balance suddenly drops from the weight of the air thus flinging Cohen's head into space to crash land on Jupiter.

Anonymous said...

The whole Supreme Court "nomination process" (am I using the right phrase) is totally
unintelligible to us "ordinary folks."

So: Here's the Establishment masturtabing itself again in a mass-masturbation scene.

Straight out of a behind-the-doors English "public school."

Look what happened to the British Empire as a result of such incesssant elite self-abuse.

It (the Empire) vanished. Thank God.