Friday, June 05, 2009

Watch Out for Sonia Sotomayor, or She'll Use Her Wise Latina Krishna Buddhist Voodoo on You

The latest cover from The National Review:

Plus: she's fat.

The GOP makes fun of itself so that we don't have to. Unfair!

UPDATE! Michael Steele doubles down on Sonia:

And God help you if you’re a white male coming before her bench.



Madduane said...

Who is that even supposed to be? Looks nothing like her.

desertwind said...

They should've gone all out offensive and made her as Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Can they be more stupid? All they've done is now insult all the conservative Southeast Asians, too.

PS - Michael Steele! Hoo hah!

Rob Scott said...

Are they comparing Sotomayor (female) to Buddha (male)?

Anonymous said...

OMG they think Sotomayor is Andrea Dworkin! And that Andrea Dworkin was meditative!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Roseanne Barr.

Nikko said...

"And God help you if you’re a white male coming before her bench."

Dude. Good thing we only throw latinos in jail, then. Mama Sotomayor will dispense spankings as required.

Fabulana said...

Oh, I get it. She has slanty eyes.

Nice work, National Review, but come on. Everybody knows you can't REALLY trust Asians! (Those deer in the background look suspiciously Persian, too...think she has an imaginary Iranian connection?)

By invoking a "positive" stereotype, they're also invoking a bunch of nebulous, negative associations that are part and parcel of stereotypical thinking. They definitely want us to image her as "non-Western."

dguzman said...

Glad to see Steele sticking up for his whiteys.