Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Am the Palins. You Are the Palins. We Are ALL the Palins.

Susan Wynalek, right, of Coltsneck, N.J., her daughter Stephanie, center and son Brett participate in a 'Fire David Letterman' rally to protest his jokes about Sarah Palin and her family across from the Ed Sullivan Theater, Tuesday, June 16, 2009 in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

I take it back: I totally am NOT the Palins. Seriously. I can prove it.

But whatevs. Oh, speaking of Sarah Palin, I was impressed with Kenneth Walsh's perfectly summarized "State of the GOP" piece in US News. Walsh just boils the whole thing down so well. Two glittery hooves way up! My favorite part is how he says Sarah "mystifies and annoys" the GOP bigwigs. My second favorite part is how he doesn't even mention Bobby Jindal. My third favorite part is that he accurately describes Mitt Romney as an "also-ran" in the last election. So the article is mean, concise, and accurate, and we love those.

Meanwhile, Debra Saunders, who used to defend Sarah from all us meanypants, says the victim act is tired and has got to go, and PS: please take Newt Gingrich with you. So there's that.


Ensign Steve said...

Am I a terrible person? Because whenever I see any business about boycotting advertisers, I just want to say, "Nobody cares. We all know you just shop at Walmart anyway." It must be more nuanced than that.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Maybe a dozen people showed up for this phony-ass protest, along with 45 media members.
Without the Wynaleks, make that nine.
Letterman should have told the Palins and their slutty daughters to suck it.

Anonymous said...

By August, Worldwide Pants will have worked out a contract for a Palins reality show, a la The Osbournes, or maybe Growing up Gotti.

By October it's canceled.

You read it here first.

dguzman said...

Why does Susan Wynalek hate her children so much that she has them supporting idiot Palin?

Call the Child Protection Agency--it's abuse.

Bartman said...

Ms Wynalek better not take that blonde daughter over to see the Yankees.

Lulu Maude said...

Everybody sing along:

We are the world,
We are the Pa-lins...

g said...

This whole thing was organized by John Ziegler, who has to be the only person in the world more annoying than Sarah Palin.

I am breathlessly anticipating the story arc of their relationship, by the way - the misogynist provocateur tries to amp up his fame by hitching along with the self-promoting narcissist Drama Queen - how can that end well?

Rachel said...

Bobby who? ;-)