Friday, May 15, 2009

Steele Flip-Flops on Puppies

THIS is an outrage:

“This is the typical Washington politics that the American people voted to change last fall — tell folks during a campaign you “love puppies,” and then, when you’re in power — albeit at the RNC — you go negative on Bo,” Sevugan railed. “I’d say this type of Washington hypocrisy is ‘priceless,’ but really, the Master Card thing has been done to death.”


excellent-town said...

Oh noes!

My meta-meme just caught my meme meming itself. So humiliating!

My dear, sweet Princess, BEST. GRAFIK. EVAH.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If anyone doubts that the Party of No has nothing but shitty ideas, making cracks about Baby Bo Obama is the ultimate wrong move.
You just don't fuck with a man's puppy.

dguzman said...

Good to see they're commenting on the BIG ISSUES.

samael7 said...