Thursday, May 14, 2009

Michael Steele and Michele Bachmann: Together at Last

These two crazy kids were bound to get together. Michael needed some raw meat to throw to the right-wingers, so what better than the DEMON ACORN? Michael pleads:

“Michele Bachmann’s amendment to block indicted organizations from collecting more public funding passed unanimously through the U.S. House Financial Services Committee," Steele wrote in an e-mail fundraising appeal.

“But now, Committee Chairman Barney Frank, far-left Democrat from Massachusetts, has decided he made a mistake by supporting the amendment and will now offer his own amendment to restore ACORN’s opportunity of receiving billions of taxpayer dollars,” Steele added. “Since ACORN’s efforts are all about electing leftist Democrats like himself, why would Frank want them to go unrewarded?”

Yes! Go with Bachmann! This will certainly be a winning strategy in Steele's quest for people to take him seriously.

Also, ACORN is totally the new George Soros.


She-Ra of the Jungle said...

Exciting visual Princess! And of course it is only logical that Steele would hitch his wagon to that star.

drew in sf said...

Bachmann's no star, She-Ra, she's just a bit of Cold War orbital debris burning up upon re-entry.

Btw PSP, ACORN is the new Soros... is that like saying poor people are the new rich people? (or the reverse?)

Karen Zipdrive said...

I know if I were a Republican on the rise, I'd want to hook up with a superstar mentor like Bachmann!
Ooops, I just threw up on my lap...

dguzman said...

Best puppy graphic yet, Princess!