Monday, May 18, 2009

Quickie: No More F***ing Tears

Does your hair feel deflated, lusterless? Does it wish to maximize the opportunities afforded by an empty Senate seat waiting to be filled?

Well, duh, Blago Shampoo is totally obvs for you.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Eey, I used that fuckin' stuff on my head and lemme tell ya it's unfuckinbelievable. The fuckin' manageability is fuckin' great and it smells like money, baby.

rptrcub said...

Is that fucking really a fucking rainbow on that fucking cap?

Matty Boy said...

The governor can't just let his name be used in a for profit situation. It's a bleepin' valuable thing.

First thing I do is get a bleepin' lawyer and sue the manufacturer for every penny he's made for the last ten bleepin' years.

You think I'm bleeping with you, let me tell you, my friend, I bloop you not.