Thursday, May 07, 2009

Quickie; Fox Nation is the Fringiest Fringe in Fringeville

I was just marveling, again, at the wonderful new parody site,, a creation so hilariously and ludicrously right-wing that it makes Free Republic seem reasonable and moderate. It's just so crazy! And every single discussion thread is so... leotarded... that one wonders just how popular it could possibly be. Fox seemed to have high hopes for the site, promoting it initially as an "on-line tea party." The site is so shrill, so relentlessly nasty, is it possible for it to appeal to anybody but the most ravenous extremists?

So I looked at their Alexa statistics (see above) and breathed a sigh of relief. The Freepers, bless 'em, have nothing to fear. I believe the popular internet verdict Massive Fail™ applies here.

UPDATE: Pony Pal Matty wants to see Fox Nation compared to more appropriate sites, but is apparently too busy to do so himself, so here:

It looks to me like terrible performance from Fox Nation. The Huffington Thing, of course, blows absolutely everybody else out of the water. It's wild to note that Free Republic is apparently more popular than Daily Kos. Scary!


Matty Boy said...

Does Alexa have stats for the left wing sites like DailyKos and Think Progress? They seem more like the opposite end of the spectrum to Free Republic than do Gawker and Wonkette.

arsby said...

Matty, anyone can do an alexa comparison. Here's a link to a comparison between lefty blogs dailykos, thinkprogress, and crooksandliars, and righty blogs freerepublic and worldnetdaily.

It looks like the righties beat the lefties. Dang!

arsby said...

Oops, the link was too long. Try this one:

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Right, thanks, arsby. I did one, too. I was very surprised that Free Republic gets more traffic than Kos.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks, Arsby. The only left vs. right victory I could find is Huffington Post edging out Drudge Report, both of which dwarf the ones on the original list.