Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Passing Through

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Whoah, a melancholy surprise and a freaky coincidence. I was Googling an old friend from San Diego, Dan Zero, a fellow painter, and came across an auction on eBay of a lot of modern furniture and art, including a painting by Dan and also one by... me. I don't know if the person selling this stuff is the person who originally bought it from me or not, but I have fond memories of her and I remember that it was an enormous help when she purchased that painting. I was really poor at the time. All the stuff in the auction looks like what she collected.

It's a reverse painting on an antique windowpane, and one of my favorites. I made it in 1993 or so. It's weird to see it again. It actually made me a little wistful. I hope it survives. I hope whoever buys it likes it and doesn't throw it in the trash because it just comes with a bunch of furniture they want.

The auction ends May 1!

Fun Fact: this isn't the only collection featuring works by both me and Dan Zero. See another one here.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Nice painting!

dguzman said...


I love it!

g said...

I love that painting!

whatdafuq said...

I really want that Madonna lamp!

As far as original artwork goes, I
still have "Wilma Flintsone's Nervous
Breakdown" and will never part with