Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun Quiz: Is It Real or Is It Imagined?

Ready for a puzzle? See if you can guess which of the following comments from Fox Nation's story on Janet Napolitano are too outrageous to be real:

  • The whole Obama administration needs to be lined up in front of the Statue of Liberty, and face the firing squad .......OR send them to Gitmo for life and throw away the key!
  • She will get us all killed.
  • Good, I'm glad she insulted those Canadian Douche Bags, they hated Bush and love Obama, this is exactly what they deserve. Ha Ha, Canadians - osama hates you too.
  • Obama has a real problem with hiring those gangster types like Janet Mussolini Napolitano.
  • She need to be fired.

Give up? The answer, ha ha, is that it was a trick question! They're all real! They're all real comments on Fox Nation, the site which makes Free Republic seem reasonable and moderate. And there are more than 500 comments just like those, all equally... interesting, to say the least. Wow.

But, you know, as of this post, I think it's officially too easy to go there and get retarded comments. It's too comical.


Anonymous said...

Ha! We guessed the answer, because since the election, we've spent a lot of time amusing ourselves at that nutty Free Republic site. And it's a lot like "Murder on the Orient Express," isn't it? — where you suddenly realize they ALL did it? "Yes, folks, they're ALL genuine right-wing hatemongers!"

Speaking of murder, do we think that the first comment you cited qualifies as a threat? Thereby proving the premise of the DHS report that's gotten these people so riled?

Anonymous said...

"I am appauled [sic] at the fact that she has disgraced this wonderful country."


FranIAm said...

I love the comment that says she is just like Janet Reno and that they must be related.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I can't visit sites like that.
With an ammo shortage in South Texas, I can't afford to hunt them down and shoot them for their ignorant comments.

rdale said...

Maybe FoxNation is just a troll site for the Secret Service...

coronaboomboom said...

I am totally going with the Canadian Douche Bag option (but only because I am one!).

g said...

If it weren't so disturbing it would be hilarious. So Napolitano needs to be fired for a report written during the Bush administration by Bush appointees?