Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hugo Chavez is the New Oprah

Who knew Hugo could be such a literary kingmaker? When does he get a talk show?

And, of course, I love all the Republican indignation over Obama... uh... shaking Chavez' hand and saying hello, as he did with every other person attending the Latin-American conference thingy. Clearly he was supposed to scowl, spit in his face and scream, "How dare you call Condoleezza Missy!" A smile and a handshake? OMG, so terrible! Some hilarious comments from that new parody site Fox Nation:

  • Possible Chavez was right a month ago when he called Obama a poor ignoramous!!! A sad day for America, a President sucking up to a supporter of terrorists and has a visceral hatred of all we stand for.
  • Obama shaking hands with Hugo is scarey.
  • this photo sickens me
  • We should not be rubbing up against a known ruthless communist dictator!
  • This scares me because Obama is leading this country toward socialism and we all know what follows that "Communism"


BeRightBack said...

You forgot/stopped reading before the fairly chilling:

"I don't get it. He goes to the G20 and practically licks the shoes of the Arabs and other leaders, buddies up with Chavez like old buddies and turns around and treats America like crap, blaming all of the words problems on US. He's really starting to piss me off.. I'd say that this man has an ax to grind against America and it's people. We have have done more to free other countries and protect them than any country on the face of the earth, yet he spits in our face. We spend more on philanthropy than any other country, yet he keeps pointing the finger at us, appeasing our enemies. He should be tried for treason and then lynched.
I've been giving him the benefit of the doubt but I'm really starting to think he hates his own country and is a radical muslim imposter. I can't think of any other reason he would disrespect us at ever turn and kiss the ass of our enemies. My God, what have we done?"

Anonymous said...

I agree with you sir and I thnak you for your service to our country.
Be well

Lulu Maude said...

Parody site! Don't I wish!

But then, this is why I no longer watch TV. I'm too crabby for it.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I am crabby and proud of it, and bad TV "news" helps me keep my crabby edge.
I know Hugo Chavez is a dick, but I've had a soft soft for him ever since he took the UN podium after Bush had spoken and said, "It smells like sulphur up here."

g said...

I'm trying, really trying, to remember what the objection to Chavez is. I mean, he is an elected leader of his country. He nationalized the petroleum industry, but lots of countries have nationalized industries, including the"country" of Alaska.

Is it just because he called George Bush bad names?

Anonymous said...

OK, so all the republicans are up in arms about a book. I watched the news clip. It took Chavez 10 seconds to do that. Now, Obama has read the book, became a hardcore communist and is buddy with Chavez, all in 10 seconds. The book is on the best seller list...Hmmm. Obama has the unappealing task to undo all the damage that Bush and his cronies did to the USA's image around that world. Every one hates us because of all the republican and Bush did. Obama needs to talk to Chavez and Castro and the Iranians. You don't make peace with friends, you make it with enemies. I also don't believe he's a fool or a socialist or any of the horrible things the republicans would like us to believe. He obviously has an IQ several times that of Bush and can prove it. He can think, walk and speak English without mangling it at the same time. McCain's daughter has it right, the old republican guard is scared shit-less of the future. Its about time these people got put out to pasture.

Anonymous said...

The real objection of US troglodytes to the book presentation is that reading makes any difference in a dog-eat-dog world. Now, if sleazeball Hugo himself actually read books, his gesture might be somewhat more persuasive -- but, ironically enough, not to the troglodytes themselves ...

A bird in the hand said...

Gosh. Obama showed courtesy and good manners. Of course those Fox sleazies would be frothing at the mouth; they think good manners will lead to ... socialism!!!!