Friday, March 20, 2009

How Long Before John Bolton Condemns Obama's Message to Iran, and Where Will He Do It?

OK, so I was watching that thing on the Youtubes where Obama is all, like, OMG Hi, Iran LOL, and I was thinking OMG, this is going to send John Bolton into a vicious spiral of glasses touching and self-abuse. But who will hand him the microphone? Will it be Fox? The Washington Post? The Wall Street Journal? The View? Because you know somebody looking for good *tsk*ing won't be able to resist asking him. Stay tuned!


dguzman said...

Given the outfit, I'll put my money on Highlights. Fun with a purpose!

samael7 said...

I really, strongly dislike John Bolten, mostly only because I'm bothered at how objectionable I can find someone based solely on their moustache. It's like a hate-based Catch-22

I don't need other people reminding me how shallow I am, thank you very much.

Plus: he's a cretin.

okojo said...

I think Mr. Bolton will condemn Mr. Obama after his PR shoot for "Just for Men, Walrus Mustache Coloring", and babble one moment that Iranians are skeevy wannabe nuclear terrorists, while the next line will be about how his french chestnut mustache tint, matches his chestnut highlights of his dyed hair. He will then challenge Ahmadinejad to who has a better looking windbreaker.

Matty Boy said...

That's one disturbing photoshop, Princess. Kudos!

You have his name spelled two different ways. You have it right in the title.

Bill in Maine but not Portland said...

Wait. John Bolton's in AC/DC? I did not know that.

samael7 said...

I second guessed myself on the spelling. I had it right to start with, and then changed it based on the post. Oh well.

Still: cretin.