Monday, February 09, 2009

PSP Contest: What is It?

Click both pics for 1200 x 900

My original concept for this blog was for it to have a lot more puzzles 'n' games, to be more like a children's activity page, a demented Highlights for Children. You can really see this approach in PSP's first month, which included a Jeff Gannon Jumble puzzle and a maddening "spot the hairdresser" brain-teaser.

So how about a contest? OK! I took the pictures in this post today. What is it? Hey, it's a simple enough question. And if you know general things about your host and are clever, you'll be able to figure it out. Also, to win, you have to tell me exactly what it is.

And you get one clue: 7 x .01 = ?

There will be two winners: the first person to guess exactly what it is, and the first person who can fully explain the clue. PSP friends and coworkers who live in the DC area are not eligible, or, obvs, anybody who just, you know, knows what it is.

Email your answer to peteykins at gmail dot com! Here's another picture:

The winners will each receive an Ugly Tour Bus Photo and a genuine vintage Gerald Ford "Win" button.