Monday, December 01, 2008

Saxby Chambliss Winces in Pain and Disgust as He Realizes He's Merely a Bit Player in Somebody Else's Show

Incumbent U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) reacts as Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) addresses the crowd during a rally in Duluth, Georgia December 1, 2008. Chambliss is in a runoff election December 2 with Democratic challenger Jim Martin that could affect the balance of power in the U.S. Senate. REUTERS/Tami Chappell (UNITED STATES)

Haw, well as you can see, Sarah Palin's rallies for Saxby were pretty much all about Sarah, and it's hard not to see that in Chambliss' face, above. It looks like Sarah brought her fave sign-painters* with their hilarious read my lipstick shtick (it's funny because it doesn't make any sense!), pop-culture references and elementary-school-teacher-on-oxycodone cheerfulness. So cute:

They left out plumber! The appeal of Sarah Palin to the very, very stupid and gullible (but with the ability to repeat simple phrases over and over!) will not die easily. Nor should it.

*UPDATE! Confirmation of the fakeness of the signs comes via Think Progress:

While people were clearly excited about the GOP candidates, some of it appeared to be manufactured. News reports showed people on-stage holding handmade signs — including ones that read “Palin-Chambliss 2012″ and “Vets for Saxby” — but those were handed out before the event by a campaign aide. A sign in the entrance to the venue said that attendees were prohibited from bringing in such large signs on their own.


Lazy Media said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer fella. There's something just so, YUMMY, about a never-grown-up frat boy like Saxby having to cling on to Sarah's apron strings.

Karen Zipdrive said...

While Palin was yammering on and on about how her fuck-up son Splice did his basic training in Georgia, she forgot to mention how draft-dodger Saxby Clambush shamefully crapped all over Max Cleland's heroic war record to get elected.
And look at Palin's jacket! It's one of those $3,000 designer models the RNC bought for her.
How trailer trash must one be to steal clothing then have the nerve to wear them on national TV?
I bet they played "Dueling Banjos" at the damn rally.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't make reference to the new Ms. Rice heading to town, Susan Rice, UN Ambassador elect-something. I noticed she's not nearly as polished as Dr. Ferragamo but she is pretty and has potential. She's not a doctor or anything but she'll be in charge of dealing with foreign type people. She'll probably be on teevee at least a couple times a week talking about boring stuff. Do you think she could ever replace Condi in your heart (and more importantly in your blog)? Just wondering.

Matty Boy said...

Hockey moms in Georgia? What, her kids aren't good enough to play football?

Sad, really.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Why would I "replace" Condi, anonymous? Is she dying?

Karen Zipdrive said...

She's dead to me.

Anonymous said...

The way cooler event( literally) last night was at the GA Capitol (Gold Dome) with Jim Martin and his fav entertainers- TI, Ludacris and Atlanta native Young Jeezy. It was hilarious to see Congressman John Conyers as he says "representing" the Dizzy Gillespie music scene. Cong. John Lewis also spoke and he's so wonderful and funny.

About 500 folks came out in the cold to support Jim Martin in his efforts to replace "big daddy" multiple Vietnam deferment cause a trick knee Saxby Shameless.. Except that his trick knee doesn't bother him when Golf magazine ranks him 33rd in the Congress for best players.

GA voters please come out and support Jim Martin-he's a wonderful man, very progressive and a ally to many.

Sarah honey-go home we already have enough trailer trash here. As some said about her early on she's the Devil wearing Payless..

Jules in Cobb

FranIAm said...

We're bringing Saxby back?

dguzman said...

Somewhere, Justin Timberlake is shuddering right now.

puravida said...

I can clearly read Saxby's lips.

He's saying, "Fucking bitch."

Anonymous said...

Palin, shmalin. I'm hoping for a Saxby Chambliss / Lauch Faircloth ticket in 2012!

samael7 said...

His name is so scat-inspiring.

Saxbeeee Chammmmmm BLISSSSS
Do-wah do-wah do-wah
Mah mah mah do do do do
Chammmm mum mum num num mum hmmmm ah ah

What? Oh, yeah, the other kind of "scat" too.

Fran said...

Hard to imagine, pretty-in-pink Sarah will head back to Alaska where she shoots wildlife from airplanes.

Yes, that is an outfit she wore in the VP campaign.
Maybe she thought folks would forget, since she obviously did.

rptrcub said...

I pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that Saxby's rude ass gets thrown out.

imissamerica said...

Yeah, go Saxby! You have managed to win a race nobody really cares about, and you didn't even need to desecrate a one-limbed Vietnam war hero's patriotism to earn it!
Congratulations, Sax, you have officially saved the Republican Party from absolute irrelevance!

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