Friday, October 24, 2008

Why Neimansgate Matters

So much writing on the "trivial" that it reveals itself not to be trivial at all, no?

But here's the deal: the hypocrisy issue is only a (wonderful) sideshow. Yes, yes, Sarah is presented as "middle class" and then draped in luxury, whatever. It's "My Fair Lady" gone hilariously awry, etc.

But there's a real reason why this story is such a resonant metaphor for the GOP. When you give Republicans your money (campaign contributions, taxes), they immediately give it to rich people (Neiman Marcus, Goldman Sachs) for short-term gains which benefit only themselves. And then it turns out to be a bad idea. Fiscal responsibility, anybody?

The end.


Matty Boy said...

Sarah is denying the story. Never happened. Who you gonna believe, her or all those lying receipts? They can be forged, you know.

Sarah is pulling free from her handlers in the McCain camp, and I think this story may have been released by the People In Charge just to give her a good swift kick in the pants.

Usually, Republican campaigns are so disciplined. They may be evil but they aren't unfocused and sloppy. I can hardly believe my eyes with this one.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

There might be something to Sarah's denials, though, because there are some really unusual discrepencies about those receipts.

Matty Boy said...

Interesting. Why didn't we get that from the McCain people, though?

Maybe the $150,000 is crap, but there's no denying she's wearing much nicer things on the campaign trail than she wore when she was governor.

dguzman said...

Hadn't heard about the denials and discrepancies. But who would've forged/altered the receipts?

Buck Thrust said...

Anonymous said...

Excellent coverage of NeimanGate... but I expected nothing less. This so requires your expertise.

Jess Wundrun said...

If Sarah can't defend herself from the stylists, how will she defend us from the terrorists?

Matty Boy said...

Not to be a comment hog, but this is the best place to discuss the hottest news of the day. The Huffington Post reports that the highest paid staffer on the McCain campaign for the first half of October was The Divine Sarah's make-up artist.

Amy the Stylist trumps Joe the Plumber, pulling in $11,400 a week. If this keeps up, the Obama tax plan is gonna K-I-L-L her.

Oh, wait. If the Obama tax plan kicks in, she isn't going to be making the big bucks anymore.

Never mind. Carry on snarking.

zoe said...

Here is the filing from the RNC

You will see the reimbursements to Jeffie boy, and then to the makeup artist from Burbank, then several to "Lisa L Kine"

Hmmm. I believe it is actually Lisa Kline, a designer, boutique owner on Robertson Dr. in Beverly Hills, stylist to PARIS HILTON. I think the $150,000 is probably accurate given that most of the jackets are well over $2500, and they were outfitting the entire family.

grifters, all.

thanks for bein' all over this 'un, PSP.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

The charge that doesn't make sense at all is the one for almost $5,000 to Atelier in NY, because that's really high-end menswear which is totally not the kind of stuff any of the Palins would wear.

And Matt: please don't "break" new stories in the comments, like the above one about the makeup artist, because, if you think about it, it kinda spoils any chance I have of writing about it myself, no? It's like being scooped on my own blog, and it totally bugs.

zoe said...

PSP: I think Todd looks pretty spruced up. I will try and tally all the different jackets he has worn at rallies. They are defintely not Men's Warehouse...And then there is that spiffy suit for the little inseminator, Levi.

Matty Boy said...

Sorry, Princess. Next time I'll send such stuff through the inside info back channels.

desertwind said...

Such a bone-headed move for the RNC (and McCain and Palin).

Funniest part? The dodgy receipts!

Anonymous said...

Pretty much sums up the whole Republican campaign season for me.

Sloppy vetting by candidate-reminds of the classic case of she gave a great first job interview but when HR fails to do their job your stuck with someone who's best day on the job was the day they interviewed.

Clearly she arrived in Minn looking like complete dreck ( seriously must have horrified the PR flacks) if they sent a straight man to the closest high end mall to by her a new wardrobe ( Sept 10th). As we used to say in Fashion College- "fashion" is what is in the stores, dears... you can buy THAT all day long but STYLE is what you do with it, and it's rarely so easily acquired. *cough* Alaska earings* cough-snort*

I'm glad they spent 150K, hell that's 150 K not smearing Obama or paying some Lee Atwater jr's salary

Makes the "dirty hippies" on our far left look like fiscal conservatives

Oh and the best joke of's all going to charity. WTF? I guess they do plan to loose, cause what was the poor gal supposed to wear after Nov 4th?Track suits and snowmobile pants to "run the Senate"? Oy..

Princess.. I love ya, thanks for all you do!

Chairwoman of the Democratic Fashion Institute

Anonymous said...

The charge that doesn't make sense at all is the one for almost $5,000 to Atelier in NY, because that's really high-end menswear which is totally not the kind of stuff any of the Palins would wear.

Levi's First Suit?

Saw an interesting comment on a blog that said, OK, it's udnerstandable they needed clothes, but why go so high end, why not go with the so-called "bridge" lines, the $500-$1000 lines in Nordstroms, etc. that most women politicians and businesswomen wear? The general consensus was the Valentino, et al, was a secret dog-whistle to the country club set, while trying to make her look like she was still wearing the career clothes.

Interesting theory.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

No, Atelier is like, totally groovy, high-concept menswear. I don't think they carry "normal" suits.

zoe said...

PSP: I bow to you. No way any of the Y chromosomes on this bandwagon of griters were outfitted at Atelier. Hmmmm. Inquiring minds want to know.

zoe said...

I meant grifters.

and I do mean it.