Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There's a "Joe the Plumber" Joke in Here Somewhere

A campaign sign appears in the womens rest room of Anderson Arena on the campus of Bowling Green University after a rally there by Republican vice presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in Bowling Green, Ohio, Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

As the McCain campaign takes its final few spirals down the drain (Ha! There it is!), the reporters and photographers are showing telltale signs of fatigue. AP snapper Amy Sancetta has given up on the crowds altogether and is now taking pictures of bathroom sinks. They are more interesting now than Sarah Palin.


Matty Boy said...

If it wasn't specified that it was a women's restroom, there probably was a Larry Craig joke in there somewhere as well.

isabelita said...

We lived in Bowling Green, Ohio for a couple of years back in the early 1970's. It is a college town, but maybe it'sb ecome more rightwingy lately. Stupid jerks.

Lulu Maude said...

If only the photographer had been able to invade the men's room, the picture might have revealed a poster over the urinals.

Or in them.

zoe said...

Bathroom sinks have ALWAYS been more interesting than Sarah.