Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ohhhh, She Almost Got Him

A protester approached Karl Rove during a panel discussion on Tuesday at a mortgage bankers convention in San Francisco. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Wait, what? The NY Times reports that a crazy lady patriot tried to abduct Karl Rove from a mortgage bankers' convention yesterday. Abduct? Really? Well, no, it seems she merely wanted to handcuff him and arrest him for treason. (EDIT: video here. It's hilarious.) LOL. Silly San Franciscans!

But with all the mortgage shenanigans in the news lately, you'd think they'd try to cut back on, you know, the lavishness. Don't be silly:

“Everyone is hurting,” Mr. Maliwal said. “But I think it seems a little harder than it is.”

Nor were all the conventioneers cutting corners. The comedian Jay Leno and a group of Beatles impersonators were scheduled to perform for the association on Tuesday night — for $1,990 a table.

Mr. Rove was already on a flight to Washington on Tuesday afternoon, according to his office, and could not be reached for comment. But Mr. Lucas, for one, said the networking at the event’s official watering hole at the nearby Marriott hotel was nowhere near as active as the protesting outside the convention hall.

“I’ve cut a lot of deals in those bars,” Mr. Lucas said, chomping on a cigar. “And there wasn’t anybody there last night.”

Oh, the poor cigar-chomping mortgage bankers! Please shed a tear for them right away.


FranIAm said...

It is sort of like a post-modern version of Monopoly come to life when the cigar-chomping mortgage broker is part of the mix.

Do not assault Karl Rove!
Do not collect your $2million!

(PS- you'd have to be really, really, really angry to even want to touch Karl, IMO anyway. Toby Jones did him brilliantly in W.)

Karen Zipdrive said...

Look at Rove- so placid knowing that another man has to protect him from that big bad woman.
Whatever is weaker than a wuss applies here.

Anonymous said...

Why would Rove be at a Mortgage Bankers' Association event?

drew in sf said...

While it's possible that Handcuffs Lady is from San Francisco, my guess - based on the combination of outfit, hairdo, and political statements - is that she's one of those six-figure hippies from Marin.

After a few years out here in northern Caloonifornia, I am finding unyielding leftie-chauvinism just as aggravating as the Americaloveitorleaveit crowd. I guess lock-step politics bugs me regardless of where it comes from.

dguzman said...

Your tag says it all, Princess.

Susan said...

If you watch the video, he's such a wuss! He doesn't look at her but he jerks his arm away from her like a little kid refusing to eat his peas.

drew in sf said...

I called that one right. Code Pink IDed the protester as Janine Boneparth, has her ZIP, which is in Marin Co. (and according to a Google search of the ZIP, it's the 5th wealthiest ZIP in the US!).

desertwind said...

"Citizen's a-rre-est! Citizen's a-rre-est!"

Whata shame she didn't get the cuffs on him. LOL! George Mitchell is a riot in the video. Doesn't Karl sound pathetic? He knows he's old news.

The entire cigar chompin' convention shoulda been handcuffed and marched out of the building. (except for George Mitchell, of course.)

Anonymous said...

I daresay she should have boxed his ears!

tangobaby said...

Oh, I can't wait to watch this later! I never thought someone from Marin County would be so vigilante.

Christopher said...

oh drew, i'm with you sweety. it's why i had to leave. i was hatin' on my own people all the time. now safely back in DC -- I can be stretch out and being a real liberal again.

as for the woman, me thinks she's from Danville and is just REALLY pissed that her mcmansion is only worth 64% of what it was worth last year.

Miss Kitten said...

I think it's Lady Penelope. I mean she has been looking sorta wild-eyed recently.

Liquid said...

Please, Princess, can you post up that old picture of someone succeeding in taking El Rovio away in handcuffs? With that terrified look on his??
It will make *everyone* feel better.

samael7 said...

She brought handcuffs to a pie fight? Silly lady.

verification word: spitize. Which sounds like a verb to me.