Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Sorry, the Dog Ate Condi's Passport"

(L-R) US President George W. Bush makes remarks with members of his Cabinet including, Condoleezza Rice, Henry Paulson, Carlos Gutierrez, Mary Peters and Josh Bolten at the White House in Washington, DC. Bush said Wednesday that an "extraordinary" US government intervention in banking did not threaten the fate of free markets and would revive the economy over the long haul. (AFP/Tim Sloan)

Oh, boo! Condi has canceled her trip to the United Arab Emirates. Why? According to her official spokesliar, Sean McCormack, she decided to hang around so that she could "pitch in" (his words!) on that Global Economic Crisis™ problem thingy.


Is anybody buying that, even for a second? Financial expert Condi? Please, Mr. McCormack, you are totally going to have to do better than that. Tell the UAE that she just washed her hair and can't do a thing with it, or something, anything, more plausible than that.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Never mind all that- she's drinking coffee AND Coke?
Oh wait- I bet it's Diet Coke.

Dusty said...

Condo is NOW a financial advisor to The Shrub?


FranIAm said...

Wouldn't you love to see Condi in her hotel room, late at night with her hair all wrapped?

I know that I would.

Matty Boy said...

Please! Who cares? How does she look?

SHE LOOKS AWFUL! Gigantic forehead, wrinkly face.

And then there's Zombie Hadley. I guess if you're going to look bad in a photo, it's always a blessing to have Stephen Hadley in the background, looking even worse.

Iain said...

Please, America, let it be so.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Matty, I was totally laughing when I finally noticed Hadley grimacing in the background. He wants a place at the table! So unfair!

Distributorcap said...

are you telling me that Condi is not single handedly rescuing the economy with shoes

dguzman said...

Boy, what a bunch of miserable-looking people. And who's this Uncle Tomás there next to Skeletor Paulson? Sellout.

Let's not forget that "Pitch In" is the slogan for getting people to put trash where it belongs.