Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Columbia Journalism Review Just Wants to Help

The scamps at Columbia Journalism Review aren't generally noted for their generosity (and why would they be?), but you'll surely be touched and heartened by their new product, Gotchaware™, intended to ferret out the pernicious menace of all the "gotcha" journalism currently being deployed against heroic womanchild Sarah Palin by famously hard-hitting, elite MSM monsters like Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson and... um... that kid in that sub shop in Philly. A sample:

* Charlie Gibson, September 11, 2008:
Question: “Have you ever met a foreign head of state?”
Gotcha Quotient: 95
Reason: First of all, foreign policy-related questions are incredibly unfair. As Laura Bush herself said, Palin lacks foreign policy experience, but she is a very quick study. And we haven’t given her enough time actually to study. So you can’t ask about that. Second, Gibson already knew that Palin had never met a foreign head of state. Third, everyone knows that foreign policy questions are always designed to force candidates to pronounce “Ahmadinejad.” Dirty pool, Mr. Gibson.

They are so totally right! So fully unfair! Don't worry, Sarah, help is on the way.


FranIAm said...

You are like so mean, PSP.

But I'll have to get back to ya on the rest.

She is pathetic.

z7q2 said...

That's no sub shop - that's Tony Lukes, the best goddamned pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone in the world!

It tastes so good because soot from I-95 rains down on it.

samael7 said...

It's so painful watching people in over their heads. There must still be a shred of humanity left in me, because I still have an urge to rescue the drowning.

In Palin's case, though, I'd wait until she was unconscious. Possibly comatose.

Matty Boy said...

That's a 95? Gosh, let me see if I can get a 100.

"Governor, do you have live footage of baby Trig being born? I ask this because anybody with a lick of sense can't believe that you are actually the baby mama."

drew in sf said...

I can't wait to get home and pop some popcorn, and sit back to watch this epic grammarfest tonight. I have a feeling that it will be the most entertaining (in the cringy way that Ben Stiller films are entertaining) event of the whole campaign.

Thanks Sarah for providing comic relief in such difficult times. Can't wait to see you disappear
back to your subarctic obscurity in 5 weeks.