Saturday, June 07, 2008

You Knew This was Coming...


FranIAm said...

That may be true darling, but it does not make it one iota less exciting now that it is here.

Perfect, simply perfect - right down to the black blood on her lip.

Anonymous said...

Dear Princess Sparkle (Mr. Huestis):

Your site was forwarded to me and many others as a part of a movement to make you and others aware of how disrespectful your blog is to Ms. Rice and other women.

It is one thing to criticize Ms. Rice's policies; it is another to ridicule her personal appearance (hair, exercise routine, clothes, skin, shoes, credentials, photoshopping her physical features, etc.) as the media have done with Senator Clinton. These women are leaders and role models.

I admit I have not read thoroughly your blog and will not. I chose randomly a few posts to read. As others have confirmed, this blog is misogynic.

I enjoy political sarcasm, such as "The Onion" and "Wonkette." Your blog is uncouth, insipid, and hardly insightful, creative and original.

No, I don't read your summaries about Ms. Rice at Wonkette. I am pleased that you have chosen wisely to stop your inane and sycophant posts at Wonkette.

This is my first and last visit to your blog.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Ha ha!

Dear Princess Sparkle Pony:

This is a note to let you know my opinion of your blog, which I haven't read.


A Complete Cretin.

jterry said...

Pure genius, PSP!

And I do love when people make judgments upon things they know nothing about. Usually, though, such individuals are members of Focus on the Family or other such hateful entities. Rock on.

whatdafuq said...

OK, I'll ask the question eveyrone
is longing to know but afraid to
ask: how long is her tongue?

goo said...

Tongue long and split, like the snake.

Des said...

Hey guys whats going on. I was admiring the cosmetic make up and seem to of got caught up in a feud.

Matty Boy said...

Don't ever change, Princess, you know we love you.

The oil dripping out of her mouth like blood is a great touch. Has the Condi oil tanker sprung a leak?

Anonymous said...

Princess Genius,

This is the picture that should be hanging at the State Department and at our fortress-embassies throughout the world.

Some souls might even interpret it (the picture) as an invitation to kiss our beloved Madam Secretary!

Madduane said...

OMG, mow I want to hear this alb.

Well, not really.

Genevieve said...

Oooo, watch out Princess, they're starting a movement! Little do they know that the Affable Giantess could probably be persuaded to take your side. ;)

I think we need to start a movement to have this hung on every wall at the State Department and embassy we have. Also, it should totally be Condi's pic on The site is too boring without it.

karenzipdrive said...

Why do the harpies always stay anonymous?
"Doctor" Rice may be a woman, but she acts enough like a man to make her exempt from any misogyny charges.
PSP, you go, girl.

Kalkaino said...

Misogynic? Is that a word? Like --
adjective: tending to generate Japanese soup?

But "Anonymous" has a point. It's one thing to harsh on Condi's hair and fashions, it's quite another to point out that she holds the Lifetime Achievement Gold Medal in Over-Ratednes, since she's really a moronic bungler, a sociopathic self-promoter, a one-woman knock-down argument for the perversity of affirmative action, a war criminal, a pathological liar, a sell-out turncoat Judas for licking the boots of W's Jim Crow junta, living proof that black women too (not just Clarence and Colin) can be utterly despicable creatures every bit as scummy as white dudes.

Well, maybe not as scummy as Gene Simmons. You might have been unfair to the "role model" there.

Anonymous said...

PS --

As I look at this memorable picture again -- I'm willing to bet it will appear in history books the world over -- I wonder what you did with the good Doctor's front teeth: the Alfred E. Newman gap seems to be missing, or is it just that I am undergoing an optical illusion given your visual interventions on her transformed image?

Major Mel Funkshun said...

Jeebus another movement. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever get over the flu.

Michael Tuggle said...

Looks like the Kings In Satan's Service have found their Queen.

BTW, I'm a paleocon who agrees with little on this site, but keep coming back for the quality of the photoshop lampoons and the dead-on satire.

Anonymous -- get a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

This is the third time you put up something that ended up being my screen wallpaper. I wonder what the song list would have been?

drew in sf said...

Dear Mr. Sparkle Pony:

As a Woman™ I hereby order you to Cease-n-Desist® using our trademarked product in a non-fair-use manner that is inconsistent with its labeling. Continuing to do so will result in you being even more evil than you already are. You and that arrogant, intolerant, Woman™-hater Barack Obama are in big trouble, pal. And don't even *think* about making fun of Katherine Harris!

A Very Pissed Off Feminist Conflict Theorist


Protip: If someone doesn't like you, and you are a woman, it doesn't mean that person doesn't like women. Applying Occam's Razor (which works equally well on the face and the legs) to the problem, the simplest explanation is that if someone doesn't like you, it's probably got something to do with YOU.

//deleted a very unfunny rant about very unfunny Hillary supporters

Jess Wundrun said...

Looooooove It!

HRH King Friday XIII said...

OMG you're the best, Princess. Let's see her go shoe shopping in Tel Aviv LIKE THAT!


dguzman said...

She wants to armchair-fight all night, and shoe-shop every day!

Bartman said...

I've never visited the White House but can attest that those who dwell there are idiots.

Muscato said...

So, Kalkaino - tell us what you really think....

Brilliant - and so spot on - rant, darling!

And, of course, Princess - an awesome image.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I tend to forward links to this site for the brilliant content.

Perhaps I have not yet realized my true value as a female, or State Department employee.

I have failed you, Condi. I have failed you.

crazy eyes said...

To my fellow PSP fans, here is a Laura "Crazy Eyes" Bush photo alert:

Crazy enough for you?

Anonymous said...

Reaction to Crazy Eyes,

What in God's name is Laura doing in Afghanistan? She adopts pet project to keep her busy/off nicotine -- "Burma dissidents," "Afghan women" -- and then wastes precious fuel on her super-duper jet to travel to far-off places she and her nitwit "husband" and his bowl of Rice know nothing about.

When, pray when, are these dreadful people going to disappear forever from the public scene?