Wednesday, April 09, 2008

As Americans, Let's Gaze in Puzzled Unfamiliarity at the Smiling, Successful Statesmen

Austrian Minister for Justice Maria Berger, Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer, Vice Chancellor Wilhelm Molterer and Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik, from left, pose for photographers during a news conference about the new European Union treaty, on Tuesday, April 8, 2008, at the federal chancellery in Vienna. (AP Photo/Ronald Zak)

Isn't that weird? I mean, the State Department stages gets all show-offy about Condi whenever she stages one of her meaningless, non-binding "memorandum of understanding"s. Meanwhile, her European counterparts are totally doing big things with, like, full-on pacts 'n' treaties and stuff, smiling all the while. So cute!

And I feel terrible for what I have to show next, but I guess I'm just feeling like I have to provide some balance to my usually fawning Ursula coverage. But seriously, Ursula had a totally frowsy day today:


Oh no, Ursula, I don't think I've ever seen you in a more unflattering outfit. Everyone is entitled to an off day, though. Get well soon, Ursula!

And finally! On a totally unrelated note! OK, I have to say first that the following comes from the shallowest part of my sparkley, braidable tail, and I seriously know absolutely nothing about this person's policies* or whatever, OK? OK! So I was wondering if Jordan's adorable Bear King Abdullah was still, you know, adorable. And he is! He is still totally, totally adorable. OMG, so cute:


*Isn't it strange that after obsessively covering Condi for just over three years, I still know absolutely nothing about Middle Eastern politics? Neat!


Anonymous said...


But the gold around her wrists saves her.

Gustav K. I think would agree ...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Are you kidding? I'd still like to bite those white pants off her.

Lulu Maude said...

You know enough about Middle Eastern politics to know that Condoleezza ain't doing shit...

FranIAm said...

Thank goodness I read my blogs top down!!

After the deep sorrow I expressed in the post above this, I thought that I wished it were an Ursula-day.

And it is, it is.

Ursula is the anti-Condi in so many ways. And while she is slightly frumpilicous in that red and white get up, I still adore her.

But forget Ursula... No not really, but for a moment.

FranIam does some serious jonesin' over King Abdullah. He is King Abdul-icious in my mind and in yours too dear Princess.

Now he- he can turn the world on with his smile. Dreamy.

One of my happiest travel moments was in 2006 when I walked to Jordan from Israel. The photo at the end of the post has Abulicious' and his dear departed father greeting you.

Granted, that whole look does not really work for him or show off is beary goodness, but I still liked seeing his face when I got there.

Which was posted everywhere. That may be all you want and need to know about Middle East politics.

P.S. karen zipdrive as ever has the best comments.

Matty Boy said...

I agree with anonymous. The gold bracelets can effectively block bullets or snarky comments.

zoe said...

PSP imagine the confidence it takes to wear white pants before Memorial Day!!! She is wearing jeans, my dear, while Condo is obsessing over which Armani suit she will put over her skinny ass.Ursula rocks.

dguzman said...

What Zip and Matty said--besides, the Tall Women's Shop in King of Prussia PA is closing down, so where is she gonna shop?

It's really not so bad if you block out the white pants. Red is SO her color.

samael7 said...

Even on a "bad" day, she's still my Wonder Woman.

Oh, Ursula. You can tie me up and make me tell the truth ANY day!