Wednesday, March 26, 2008

International "Religion is Stupid" Week Continues.

Rationalist International via The Stranger

This blog regularly features the various inanities of Christianity. This week, though, I also posted an uplifting story about Japanese Buddhists deploying adorable trained chihuahuas in a desperate attempt to publicize their quaint, centuries-old, dying faith. And today? It's Hinduisms turn! Yay!

So, like, some holy sheister in India was totally all, like, "I can kill you with my magic tantrik hand gestures." And the TV guy was all, "OK, prove it on live TV." And so the guy, absurdly, agreed to try! Many, many mystical chants and homicidal finger flailings later, the guy made up an unbelievably lame excuse and called the whole thing off. They pre-empted other programming for this ridiculous drama! Read the gripping account!


Anonymous said...


Just so glad to see PSP back on the Net!

Some of the Princess's worshippers were wondering if the Princess was OK ...

Oh, all right, PSP is an atheist, but as we all know God does not love us because she thinks that she exists.

Je t'aime, PSP!

Matty Boy said...

I believe in the God of fabulousness who bestowed on her true believers her prophet on this plane, Princess Sparkle Pony!

No one could find the funny so regularly and effortlessly without powerful juju!

Mr. Anthrope said...

You will remove this blasphemous post, or I shall curse a thousand curses on your cursed head.

karenzipdrive said...

Religious torture magic is nothing new for the Catholic church. Simply leave a little boy alone with a priest for two hours and the boy will likely have nightmares for the rest of his life.

Joe said...

Bennie Hindu.

dguzman said...

Oh Princess, thank the -er- Princess you're here! Why in the world did this idiot agree to finger-kill this guy on TV? He should've known that his juju wouldn't work on camera. sheesh.

ZING! for Zip!