Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Right This Way, Dearie, the Kiddie Table is Over Here

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (R) escorts U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to her seat at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem January 9, 2008. Reuters, Larry Downing.

Condi's in Middleasternistan again! This time, though, she's hampered accompanied by her boss, so it won't be nearly as much fun.

And have you heard? The security arrangements for their pointless little visit cost $25,000... an hour! And that doesn't even include drinks!

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to give the photo credit earlier. Can you believe they let Larry Downing go with them?


usablogger said...

No wonder he is keeping his eye on the economy. He has to reimburse Israel when he returns from his vacuous foreign policy trip. Poor Condi...stuck sleeping with, oops I mean babysitting her hub, oops I mean, Lil' Georgy. Just imagine...if had not come, she would have made some real foreign policy progress. Yeah, right.

"Bush Keeps Eye on Economy:"

Karen Zipdrive said...

Won't it be grand when she's thrown out on her ass in a year?
We'll still come here, but the focus may have to change. And that's okay, Sweetie Princess.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Now, c'mon, you don't actually believe Condi will disappear from public view after Bush leaves office, do you?

*holding out hope she'll run for governor of California*

usablogger said...

I live in California...time to move back to Texas. Hmmm...guess I'll take Condi.

I have the same sentiment as Condi's former, former, former friends and colleaues at Stanford said last year: "Condi Eyes Return, but in What Role?"

karenzipdrive said...

As a native Californian who left because of too many carpetbaggers, I'd be delighted if Condi replaced Ahnold.
You think she'd out herself so Randy Bean could move with her into the giant Safeway governor's mansion?

dguzman said...

Do they have partner benefits in Ahnuld's Caleefourneeah?