Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How Soon is Soon?

Oh, Team Tom, tsk! Never announce a web upgrade until right before you do it (see below). Otherwise, it's just embarrassing.

Also, how does Tom DeLay live? Is he employed? Does he really make enough off his speaking engagements, or is he simply living off his legal defense fund?


usablogger said...

Today, sighting of boring Elisabeth Bumiller desperately marketing her dull book about Dr. Condi Dull on Good Morning America. I guess it's tough out there peddling Condigotosleepa's life. She even emphasized the one-incident love life of our favorite diplomat. OK, enough already, we get it--Condi's pretending to be heterosexual. Try not to get trampled as every one (minus the every) run out to the bookstore to purchase this doldrum.

PSP: love the new blog design.

jolie said...

yay! thanks princess for the link so I can check out his schedule - he's booked all the way up through march 2007!

and, best news of all, his book is selling for $0.01 on amazon! whee!

dguzman said...

definitely living off the legal defense fund and money skimmed off local repub get-out-the-vote offices.

Lulu Maude said...

You can always get work if you're a sleazy Republican... apparently he and that icky Sec of State from Ohio are up to big mischief, and I'm sure it pays well.

Whoops... I mean, Tom is working hard to Bring America Back To God.

Alicia Morgan said...

Oh, Tommi, Tommi, Tommi - the gift that keeps on giving. he is made of naugahyde and cannot be killed.

Nerry Xmas, Princess!

Matty Boy said...

When is the trial? Is this thing going to be dragged out like Enron, or are we going to get something like the speedy trial guaranteed by the Constitution?

(Whatever that is.)

Distributorcap said...

tom is probably killing bugs again for the $$$$.

you know he is in cahoots with the chinese poison people.

pissed off patricia said...

Maybe he took Jeff Gannon's old job. Did you check that website? Can you imagine a pic of Tom like the one Jeff had? I won't try because it would make my head blow up and stuff.

karenzipdrive said...

There's still a market for older mens' prostitutorial services.
I'll bet he's giving the old TomTom to several wealthy old hags in the River Oaks section of Houston.
Plus I bet he has his minivan wrapped in a giant ad for Viagra.
Bob Dole gave him that idea.