Thursday, December 06, 2007

After NIE, Washington Post Gives the Microphone to... John Bolton?

Fantastic! Everybody is all up in arms about the Intelligence Estimate thingy. Is this really a scandal? Read this and then get back to me.

So I guess the Washington Post invited John Bolton to give his opinion on the whole thing for... laughs? Neocon schadenfreud? And, indeed, the sense of desperation in his insta-op-ed is almost --almost!-- hilarious. Favorite part:

...the NIE suffers from a common problem in government: the overvaluation of the most recent piece of data.

LOL. You can almost hear him yelling, visions of yellowcake still dancing in his head, "No fair! That's our technique!"


C Afiado said...

From Bolton's opinion ...

"Ironically, the NIE opens the way for Iran to achieve its military nuclear ambitions in an essentially unmolested fashion, to the detriment of us all."

So, he wants to molest Iran? You'd think with all the kooky sexual behavior from the Neocon-Republicans he might choose a better word. What are they going to do ... send Lars Craig over there to hump their legs?

That would be better than bombs, I suppose.

Kelster93 said...

Science has shown that rapid, sustained foot-tapping can actually interfere with the proper functioning of centrifuges. So absolutely send in the Craigster --his wide stance will keep our country safe from tiny, hairy homophobes like Ahmedinejad.

dguzman said...

It's funny to think of all the BushCo's in DC, collectively plugging their index fingers into their ears and singing, "la la la, I can't hear that national intelligence estimate, la la, not listening, tra la la!"

Distributorcap said...

bolton is among the worst of a disgusting bunch

he said on hardball last week that the iranians will WELCOME our bombing of their country and will throw out their govt when we do

the man is truly insane and needs a lobotomy today

karenzipdrive said...

Didn't we get rid of this walrus?

Dualtrack said...

The NIE report is easily the most important story of the past six years. I was seriously worried about Bush opening up a new front in his Global Jihad because Iran has a military at least as large as the USA's and Russia has been giving and selling weapons to them for a long time. A war with Iran would be as far from a "cakewalk" as can be imagined and, for a while, it looked unavoidable.

FranIAm said...

National intelligence?

Nope. Not around here.

Sorry, try again.

Brooklyn Red said...

It all makes sense if you can understand the difference between nuclear and neuclear weapons - all the intelligence guys were talking about the former, Bush was talking about the latter.
Unfortunately, I don't understand the difference, so I can't explain it, but who can disprove the Red Queen?