Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And Back to The Madison!

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (R) walks out to greet the press with Sweden's Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt before their meeting at the State Department in Washington November 14, 2007. REUTERS/Molly Riley (UNITED STATES)

We haven't seen one of these photo-ops for a while! Sometimes when Condi's especially busy and her guest is particularly uninteresting, the whole matching armchairs or dueling podiums treatment isn't really called for. That's why I sometimes call this the "bum's rush" photo-op, due to its Have you met my friend? He/She was just going nature. My favorite thing, though, is when the striding statesmen look like they're performing a spirited version of The Madison for the gathered photographers, as with Condi and her Swedish friend above. Hit it! What did the two powerful world players chat about? Heck if I know; nobody reported a thing about it! But the pictures were taken, and that's the important thing, after all.

Things went downhill after that, though, because Dr. Diplamazon had to trade in her tall, blonde playdate* for itsy-bitsy Robert Gates:

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (R) and Defense Secretary Robert Gates walk to a U.S. House of Representatives briefing on current developments in the Middle East, on Capitol Hill in Washington, November 14, 2007. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES)

Condi looks like she's having fun! Maybe she likes going places with the wee yet perfectly-formed defense secretary? I really don't think she has a lot of laffs when she does these "progress reports" to Congress. I mean, making up all that stuff must be boring! I wonder if she ever includes really weird things, just to see if the people in the House are seriously listening to her or merely hearing her voice droning on and on? She should try it: "Yes, we have totally solved all wolverine issues in Ramallah, blah, blah, blah, post-it-note-related deaths down 15%, blah, blah, blah." She might as well! Would you notice it if she started just quoting Captain Beefheart lyrics in the middle of one of her dreary Sunday show gigs? I swear I wouldn't.

Also, I'd like to add that Condi's a ripe little tomato today! I really, really wish she had on green tights and a cute little leaf hat to go with that suit. So cute!

*OK, OK, this Swedish guy is interesting in a Micheline Calmy-Rey way in that he's boringly sensible. I find such European politicians difficult to satirize!


Shaphan said...

Today was the 52rd anniversary of Condi's birth on November 14th, 1954.

Sister Nancy Beth Eczema said...

Princess, you'll have to pardon my ignorance on these matters (I'm more of an Easy Spirits kind of gal myself), but doesn't Ferragamo make flats? I doubt Mr. Gates has much luck intimidating Muslim terrorists into submission when he looks like he's about to be crushed by the female Secretary of State. I know biased MSM reporting is largely responsible for the ongoing Iraq insurgency, but couldn't Condi's refusal to wear less than 3" heels also be a factor in this crisis?

Matty Boy said...

Can't satirize Micheline?? With that haircut, both silly and cute at the same time?

You misunderestimate yourself, Princess!

Anonymous said...

Captain Beefheart! How very apropos: "What this world needs is a good two-dollar room and a good two-dollar broom."

No Marsupial Equivalent said...

"My mind, caught in the corner, gradually decides it's safe, becomes a bat itself, flexes its little claws, curves its leather wings with loud, hollow pops around the room, threatening to dash its brains. Somehow at the last minute retreats and becomes a natural glue and holds fast and slow in every other motion, making the night more interesting."

I can just see Russert's face when she lets that one roll.

dguzman said...

That's one generic looking Swede. No wonder he didn't get the matching armchairs or podia.

I say, Bring on Ursula!

Even Dr. Ferragamo looks rather bland in the solid red. It's bright and all, but so monochromatic. Green tights and leaf hat would definitely add a little jazz to the ensemble. Perhaps even a purse shaped like a stem.

Houston said...

The Swedish guy's got his own blog. Cute, in a tall, Scandanavian, nerdish kind of way.