Monday, October 29, 2007

One of These Days, She's Going to Twist Them Legs Right Off

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice meets with Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos at the the State Department in Washington October 29, 2007. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (UNITED STATES)

Poor Condi has had a rough time lately, so it's nice to see her settling back into the State Department's matching armchairs where she can just chat and do nothing. And you know, I've been looking at these shots for so long now, that sometimes I find myself twisting my legs together in sympathetic response! Ow, my crotch!

And I know it's unseemly to laugh at my own jokes, but I've just got to repost the JibJab thing I made for Wonkette last week, but every time I see Dr. Ferragamo dancing the Charleston with Charles Manson, I just collapse into giggles:


Karen Zipdrive said...

Charlie's not that crazy.

Anonymous said...


So glad to see you back on home turf after your triumphs at Wonkette.

Poor non-planet-earth Kondi, so out of her league in things outside of Georgia/Montana/California: precisely, of course, what Bush & Co want "foreign policy" to be, since the outside world doesn't exist for them. Bush bubble is all that counts for them.

But then maybe the Spanish guy was taken by la Condi ...

Matty Boy said...

One grows so weary of guarding one's snatch,
And dreaming up "peace plans" that never will hatch,
And taking a back seat to a boozy bee-atch,
So Thank God for rooms with the armchairs that match!

karenzipdrive said...

All that pressure on the Condi Clit just has to be self-stimulation. Hey, it gets boring sitting next to foreign male dignitaries. May as well rock herself into oblivion.

Lulu Maude said...

Not only is the Condi dance sequence great art, but it's illustrative of the flexible knee joints bequeathed to her by her Creator.

Praise Him!

PookyShoehorn said...

Oh! I think I see an appearance on "Dancing with the Stars" in someone's future!

FranIAm said...

Too feckin' funny.

There is nothing unseemly about you laughing at that, even if it was your creation!!

Muscato said...

While I would hate ever to add to any unseemliness herein, Princess, I have to admit that I have been thinking, occasionally, about the Condi-bot. Specifically, in relation to some fascinating feature material that's appeared in conjunction with the release of the new film called, I believe, Lars and the Real Girl. Well, it seems there actually are these sim-bimbos that some souls use

In any case - I wonder how much of this space age technology has been incorporated into the simula-secretary? The rubbery fleshiness of this particular incarnation of Her Roboticness certainly lends credence to speculation.

Also: is that a new slacksuit? I don't recall that particular shade of mauve. And is it accompanied by a new multi-strand seed pearl necklace? Daring! Finally - is it just me, or are we seeing some coiffure-evolution? Lengthiness in back, greater tidiness in front - it's practically a diplomullet!

dguzman said...

Gees, between laughing at that video, Matty Boy, and Zipdrive, I may need a new monitor and keyboard.

Where are the Kleenex though?