Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Death Sentence

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, right, expresses her appreciation to Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Karen Hughes, left, as Hughes announced she is leaving her post to return home to Texas, Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2007, at the State Department in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Awwww! So totally sweet! And after all, Karen "Kick Ass" Hughes has done every bit as much as Dr. Ferragamo herself to bring peace and understanding to the world. What's your favorite Kick Ass moment? I think mine is when Karen compared Condi to a 7th Century Muslim wise woman, but it was also a gigglefest when she got told off by an Indonesian teenager. Good times!

Meanwhile, elsewhere at the State Department, as Condi was bidding farewell to her departing friend, others were gathering in a big meeting room and expressing dismay over their short-term survival prospects:

Several hundred U.S. diplomats vented anger and frustration Wednesday about the State Department's decision to force foreign service officers to take jobs in Iraq, with some likening it to a "potential death sentence."


"It's one thing if someone believes in what's going on over there and volunteers, but it's another thing to send someone over there on a forced assignment," Crotty said. "I'm sorry, but basically that's a potential death sentence and you know it. Who will raise our children if we are dead or seriously wounded?"

"You know that at any other (country) in the world, the embassy would be closed at this point," Crotty said to loud and sustained applause from the about 300 diplomats who attended the meeting in a large State Department auditorium.

Happy Halloween and think about death, State Department staffers!


sfmike said...

That's almost too much closeted lesbianism for one photo, Princess. And I adore your admonition to State Department staffers to "think about death," presumably because they've enabled so much of it while employed by the Bush administration. Happy Halloween indeed!

FranIAm said...

That photo! Yeeech! Where's the internet eye wash station? (a term to which I must give credit to Matty Boy for!)

Just the other day I was reminded of the fact that before I got in touch with my "inner blog bitch" I used to lurk and leave all those silly anonymous comments... and I thought myself (boy is my face red now!) clever to sign them within the comment as "franonymous". Now that just makes me feel embarrassed!

Oh but I was young - only 48 then! And so dang carefree without a blog of my own!!

So imagine my surprise when I clicked into the Karen comparing Condi link and found my Karen "Kick Ass" Hughes comment!! Signed with that ridiculous name!

Yeah, like FranIam is such a big improvement!!

On another note Distributorcap has taken to calling Condoleeza, Coopoleeza. I may have spelled that wrong.

You get the picture!

karenzipdrive said...

Doesn't Karen Hughes quit about every 18 months to go spend more time with her family in Texas?
She looks pretty beaten down in this photo- methinks her boss Condi was like my boss, the Devil Wears Payless.
I quit, too.

Anonymous said...

check this out: it may remind you of Condi

Matty Boy said...

Oh, staff people! It's just a "potential death sentence"! Don't be such babies! There's risk everywhere! Driving your car is a "potential death sentence"!

Now, if you were complaining about "enabling Satan and all his works", then I'd have a little more respect for you.

HRH King Friday XIII said...

You know, it's almost as if Karen was SOMEHOW put off by the whole "give Blackwater immunity" thing.

dguzman said...

That is one serious eat-shit-and-die look that Kick-Ass is giving to Dr. Shoes. No doubt she's still pissed about CrazyEyes taking over her job even before she was gone.

Condi looks as though she's trying to pass a small boulder.

Looks like happy days all around. Especially for these saps in the State Dept. This Crotty guy's probably already in Iraq (or Gitmo) for making these remarks.

Anonymous said...

So TV newsladies from Texas don't make such great diplomats after all--I'm so surprised.

And speaking of pussy diplomats, what's up with all those State Departmenters not wanting to go to Iraq? Oh, they only want to represent US policy in the nice, happy places. Well, that's fine! Sorry for the misunderstanding--I thought when they called it the Foreign "Service", they actually meant something. Silly me!

Lulu Maude said...

Bringing Sweetness and Light to the rest of the world obviously takes its toll on a girl.