Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy Eyes Allowed, Adorably, to Pretend to Write Op-Eds

First Lady Laura Bush, left, poses with daughter Jenna Bush and Caryl M. Stern, president and CEO, US Fund for UNICEF during the book launch for Jenna's recently published Ana's Story at UNICEF House in New York on Monday, October 1, 2007. The book based on Jenna Bush�s work with UNICEF in Latin America and the Caribbean.(Jeff Connell/Camera One via newcast)

What fun! The Wall Street Journal can always be counted on to publish Bush Administration talking points on their editorial page, but now there's a fun new way to do it by pretending that the First Lady wrote them. Wheee! And I just totally know that Crazy Eyes sat down and wrote that editorial all by herself, definitely not a team of White House speech writers! People are so cynical! Stop it!

This is kind of a slap at Condi, isn't it? You'd think the secretary of state would get the byline on this one, but her credibility these days is... well, they should probably just stick to sending Condi to test drive electric cars from now on, OK?


Matty Boy said...

Jenna's working hard to come up with her own fake unconvincing smile, but when she's side by side with The Master, you can see how far she has to go.

No, Jenna! Stare beyond the camera! Treat human contact as the disease infused terror that it is! The spark of life and humanity must be extinguished from your face.

No, forget it... You're useless. Just the way your grandma told your mom she was useless back in the day.

karenzipdrive said...

The kid is starting to look more and more like her insipid daddy.
But her voice is deeper.

Anonymous said...

From Dust Congress:

A poem by klipschutz,

coming of age in the 24-hour news cycle


Hardwired for
Speed & Fun

Our Little Miss
First Family Intern

Is in L.A.
For the summer

Trying to keep a low profile
At work & meet someone

Babyfat, Sizzle & Sand
Watch her sneak out, flooring it!

Click: Underneath The Sign
Hi Gran: Melrose & Vine

Snapshot: On The Beach!
The Improv! Sunset! Los Feliz!

(Didja think she’d bake and play Risk
Over Fourth of July?)

-See her chatting up a
Counting Crow in shorts

-Sucking household-name face
Because she can

-Making mincemeat of those
Secret Service hunks!

Which way The Alamo?
O hills! O decks!

Waterbed ahoy!
O abs! O pecs!


Fast forward five quick calendars
(A lot of dad’s wack sayings

& blood spilled Here & There)
Dateline: Buenos Aires

-Running naked with her twin
They’re 25 and drunk as dad is dumb


Fast forward again—that’s enough!
She’s engaged! The lucky fellow

Used to work for Karl Rove
& he’s getting his MBA

She’s on tour promoting her book
Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope

About a teenage mother with HIV
(Why didn’t I think of that?)

Go Jenna! Go Jenna Go!

HRH King Friday XIII said...

Behind every crazy man, there's an even crazier woman.

dguzman said...

Why didn't Crazy Eyes hit GW with that car when she was a teen? Oh, missed opportunities, thy name is Bush.

Man, Jenna looks almost as crazy-eyed as Momma Crazy Eyes here. What a freakshow.

Anonymous said...

haha i love it today. Idiotic liberals going crazy over first lady's op-ed in WSJ ... haha love it

FranIAm said...

Valley of the Dolls. Valley of the very ugly freaking dolls.

And 'sup with the WSJ editorial? Yeeech!

A friendless regime? She should know!

Anonymous said...

Don't you think she looks like Madame from Waylan and Madame...remember them?

Anonymous said...

Poshlost' -- A Russian word to express absolute vulgarity.

karenzipdrive said...

haha i love it today. Idiotic liberals going crazy over first lady's op-ed in WSJ ... haha love it..."

Didja ever notice these nutless wonders who invade other people's blogs and post something inane under the name 'anonymous'?
ha ha love it.