Friday, September 14, 2007

Sparkletastic Papal Makeover Doesn't Go Over Well in Milan

Oh how I wish I could say that's a real photograph of Pope Ratzi, because that's honestly the only possible scandal which could eclipse Larry Craig's hot toilet action. But, alas, it's merely a sculpture, but there's still controversy, yay! Read all about why art fans in Milan won't be seeing the work (but lucky Paduans might) on display here.

The talented artist is Paolo Schmidlin, a sculptor who appears to be a more political version of Duane Hansen or the profoundly disturbing Ron Mueck. Mr. Schmidlin's loving depiction of Bette Davis as Baby Jane also tells me that he's a hairdresser.

But, honestly, it's a shame that Ratzi doesn't take the cue, because if he did, maybe I'd return to my Catholic roots!

Ha, ha! No I wouldn't!


karenzipdrive said...


HRH King Friday XIII said...

It's like being molested by my grandpa all over again.


dguzman said...



Edith's Friend said...

How disturbing is it that I find that statue hot? Do not be afraid to use scientific notation.

karenzipdrive said...

Edith's friend- I wouldn't let Edith know that. She might dump you as her friend.

Edith's Friend said...

Edith is my imaginary friend, and therefore loves me unconditionally.