Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Request Line: Ségolène Royal

Models for a carnival float shows French candidates for the Presidential election Segolene Royal, left, and Nikolas Sarkozy, left, dressed as cocks in Cologne, western Germany, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007, at the official presentation of the carnival floats for the Cologne Carnival Monday Parade. (AP Photo/Roberto Pfeil)

OK, so I've gotten several requests (from the same person, but still!) for some Pink Pony luv to be thrown towards Ségolène Royal, the Commie Pinko girl presidential aspirant of France. I dunno... I think she's boring, as Communists tend to be, even if she does get photographed in a bikini.

But! All is not lost, thanks to the Germans, who came up with the superspecial carnival float dedicated to Ségolène seen above. I think it's safe to say that none of the mainstream American news swamps are going to feature this particular photo, so Blue Gal, this one's for you! Enjoy!


Blue Gal said...

All this, and linky love too? OMG!

dreux said...

I think i can speak for the entire net-sparkle-roots that it's the longish necks, and bare chicken bosom that really give a sense of "frenchness" to this scene. And am i the only member of the sparkle pony community to note more than just a nugget of amore in the tension between these two?

Jess Wundrun said...

I dunno. I find the rooster costumes a little lame. Or: these cocks suck.

Richard S said...

You used to play us music. You've changed man. Ever since that Ursula came into your life. Let's hear some music.

Matty Boy said...

Finding funny pictures on the Internets: not that hard.

Making quick funny comments about said pictures: a talent many possess.

Creating a laugh out loud moment with a label: a virtuoso act.

For this reason I say, as do we all:

I love you, Princess Sparkle Pony!

Samantha said...

How is it that they are both pictured on the "left"?

sleepyinsaudi said...

It's the Chicken Dance!

(cue polka music)

First you chirp you little beak,
Then you flap your little wings,
Then wig-gle down,

Now everybody Polka!