Friday, December 15, 2006

Quickie: OMG, I Fell Asleep

OK, so the Washington Post has a long, lonnnnnng interview with Madame Condibot today, and it's incredibly dull and uninformative, but not for lack of effort on the Post's side!

Mostly it's reporters trying to get Condi to say what's different about the Bush Administration's "new approach" to the Iraq "situation", as they charmingly call it. Simple question, right? Well, no, because pretty much the entire thing is Condi finding new, boring ways to not answer that question. Finally, near the end, one of the reporters tries a desperate yet kinda fun gambit:
QUESTION: Can you -- one last thing?


QUESTION: Do you -- how would you categorize -- if you had to put an adjective in describing how different the new strategy is going to be from the existing, are we talking about a radical overhaul, are we talking about modest changes? Can you just characterize it for us a little bit?

SECRETARY RICE: You know I'm not very good at that, Robin. (Laughter.)

QUESTION: So if you won't answer her question, one more thing. (Laughter.)

SECRETARY RICE: Look, it will undoubtedly be a departure because there is a new set of circumstances. But I can't give you an adjective.
Silly girl thinks that Condi's got nothing better to do than pass out adjectives to lazy reporters? Better luck next time!


Matty Boy said...

Words are so, you know, Old Europe. We have a kick-ass army, and actions speak louder than words, and we will be known by our deeds.

Also, though my field of expertise is math and not English, I'm pretty sure "new" counts as a adjective, doesn't it?

Jess Wundrun said...

"new" as an adjective is best used with the object "shoes". Ah, the heart beats faster when'ere one hears the phrase "new shoes"

guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

The reporter doesn't understand that when Condi is saying 'new' she is actually saying 'knew'.

So: "Look, it will undoubtedly be a departure because there is a KNEW set of circumstances."

So Condi is speaking in code, saying she "knew" it was all a mistake but she can't really say that because George and Rummy and DickheadTheDuckhunter would have her flogged.

NOW this administration is starting to make 'cents'....

nudge nudge, wink wink

guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

Condi sez in the interview: "So I think that it misses the point to assume that democracy is just a matter of moral principles in the United States. It is certainly that."

WELL PRAISE THE LORD and pass the space weapons baby! Yes sireee Bob, we have got a MORAL in this democracy. That's why we DO NOT have gay marriages that result in abortions.

"But it is also a matter of strategic interest; that's when we've done best and that's when we've created -- helped to create circumstances that turned out to be secure and stable in an enduring sense."

Uh-huh. It's all about 'stable'. Like the Iraquis and the U.S citizens are gonna be living in a 'stable' in about five effing years.....

"And so this President is committed to the democracy freedom agenda in the Middle East."

.....the the usual, it's all about ME. And Deformed Frog Arses. Pithy you little twat! Pithy!