Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stephen Hadley and Christopher Walken: Ever Seen Them in the Same Room at the Same Time?

With Sparklefave Stevie in the spotlight so much right now, I totally wanted to do something special about him, like a thrilling History of Stephen Hadley's Hair or something like that. Unfortunately, there's just nothing to be found on the web, so we'll perhaps never the answer to that crucial feathered or layered? question in regard to the 1970s. That obviously makes me sad. There could well even be a mullet or ponytail in his past, but I can't be sure. My God! I just can't be sure!

After recovering from my feelings of sadness and longing, I did get a laugh from the Google image search results for Mr. Hadley, the third page of which featured an anomalous Walken in the sea of wonks. Oh, it's so easy to mix them up, isn't it? Unfortunately, upon seeing the above my mind was suddenly flooded with images of Hadley dancing to Fatboy Slim, Hadley riding in a boat with Natalie Wood, Hadley seeing people's futures when he touches them, Hadley smuggling a pocket watch in his butt...

And then I screamed.

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