Monday, November 13, 2006

Mel Martinez: Out of the Dog House

OK, so Florida guy Mel Martinez has a dream date with the Republican Party, and he gets to be in charge! Yay! This is good news for political satirists. Is everybody forgetting that he's the guy who handed that naughty Terry Shiavo talking points thingee to --whoopsie!-- Tom Harkins, thus turning the whole Shiavo mess into a monumental blunder which helped end the GOP's reign of terror? I guess they wanted that Hispanic surname to lead the party so badly they were willing to forgive that little oops.

Speaking of dogs, the real loser, again, is Sparklefave Michael "Puppy Lover" Steele, who blew his chance to lead the robot elephant parade with his fake "Democrat" sample ballot, the thing that made everybody in Baltimore and Prince George's County decide that, puppies or not, they hated him after all. The whole sorry episode is delightfully summed up in today's Washington Post, and even better in last week's Philadelphia Daily News.

Maybe, come January, he can get a job at the Humane Society?


guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

Maybe someone will 'accidentally' stick him with a syringe of animal tranquilizers (PCP) causing him to run amuck breaking down doors with his teeth.

THEN I'd feel better.

drew said...

he looks like he's kid friendly,
maybe a bit too kid friendly..
ankle monitors for the lot of them!

Polly said...

Another point of view: Republican Mel Martinez will not seek reelection is 2010