Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Maryland Senatorial Puppy War Escalates

I finally saw the new anti-Michael Steele television spots presented by the Democratic Party of Maryland, and they did not disappoint. Mocking Steele for his declared fondness of puppies, the ads proclaim, "Michael Steele may like puppies, but he loooooves George Bush!" OH, SNAP!

And where does his opponent, Ben Cardin, stand on puppy-related matters? Let's check in with the Baltimore Sun:
"If Michael Steele insists on debating puppies, Ben Cardin will be there," said [Cardin campaign manager Ken] Morley, referring in jest to a Steele campaign ad. "With less than 50 days until the election, there is no time for a drawn out discussion process. Let's debate," Morley said.
Obviously this battle is only going to get uglier... and cuter!


krimpet said...

It's so sad the way it's always the puppies who suffer in a mid-term election.

Sid the Dog said...

I object to how politicians evoke our images to attract voters but refuse to give us any sort of attention once their positions are secured. For example, did you know that over 98% of puppies are without health insurance?

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Lulu Maude said...

He would have used babies, but they kept spitting up on him.