Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sparkle Pony Interactive!

OK, so I was reading this article about how congressional interns are getting bad advice about abortion or something? And the councelors were all, like, OMG, you'll totally get those, like, really ugly toenails if you get an abortion 'n' stuff. So I thought, wow, what other bad side effects are there? Please tell me which of these scares you the most:
Which Unintended Abortion Side-Effect Scares You the Most?
Head suddenly falling off
Interest in Cher, Pet Shop Boys
Never finding out if you would have had next Hitler or Timberlake
Totally ugly culottes
Loss of lucrative tabloid baby picture goldmine
Second nose grows, like totally where everyone can see it
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dusty said...

Like, my head is totally spinning PSP with the choices on this poll dude...isn't there like, a choice for all of the above?

Anonymous said...

I'm scared that a picture of my aborted fetus would appear on an anti-abortion protect sign, could you add that one in?

Dave said...

That pregnant chick with the Pabst blue ribbon is HOT. Does she live in the DC area? I'm one fifth serious.