Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth!

And remember that the defeat of the flag desecration ammendment means that it's still legal to go forth attired in stars 'n' stripes halter tops and hot-pants. You know what to do.


Anonymous said...

Dear Princess,

And a happy Fourth to you.

Your admirers are delighted that your blog is getting increased exposure, as you have a true "sense" of what Condi is all about: above all, image. (See [as you probably have] today Washington Pest's article on "Dr" Rice:

Princess, for the record: this reader of yours predicts (one among many, I'm sure) that "Dr" Rice will be the Republican nominee for President after Dumbya the Dubyious is at last called to leave the scene -- the good ol' boys figure Condi is the perfect antidote to Hillary. Hey, Chevron named a tanker after the good "Doctor"!

Well, at least Ms Rice is "presentable" to the outside world -- and after all, ideas are secondary in politics, a form of minor theater first and foremost. La Rice makes no sense when she speaks (as I'm sure you've noticed when you actually read the texts of her speeches/comments) but, when presented orally by the well-tailored Rice, with her huge mouth ready to swallow you, like some kind of deep-sea creature, it (what she utters like a school mistress) all sounds "well brought up" as spoken (such impeccable grammar and absolute nonsense upon further examination), with the right element of "fear" transmitted because of the huge mouth and all-devouring teeth, with their domineering Madonna-like gap between the two front ones.

And she likes football, the key ticket to the U.S. presidency...

dusty said...

I hope you had a fine 4th PSP..you deserve one.

Old Sow said...

Okay, burning=bad, bad, bad. And surely more important than discussing, the WAR, for example, or the economy.

But whaddabout El Presidente autographing flags, probably made in China? (Photos from a prior election campaign DO exist.) Isn't that worthy of comment? Cheney? Addington? Coulter?

L said...

ha ha ha ha ha!