Friday, July 14, 2006

Condi Spurns Ugly Photo-Op

In this photo released by the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, right, meets with US Assistant Secretary of State David Welch, at his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah, Friday, July 14, 2006. Abbas urged U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Friday to press Israel to end its military offensive in the Gaza Strip as the United States donated US$50 million to Palestinian refugees. (AP Photo/Palestinian Authority, Abd Alhalim Abu Askar)
Ugh, is it any wonder our heroine passed this one up? I mean, that has got to be the lowest-rent matching armchair photo-op ever! I'm sure Condi was informed of this terrible situation by her crack squad of decorators, swatch-carriers and image consultants, and she wisely agreed with their declaration that the scene staked out for the press availability, as they termed it, was simply too gauche for the glamourous diplotaunte. Appropriately, a proxy was sent in her place, and the frightened, wooden yet tantastic Mr. Welch fit the bill.

And you thought it had something to do with diplomacy. It does! Honey, diplomacy is all about proper furniture placement.


isabelita said...

So what's with the empty candy dish in the foreground? Did these two skinny tweakers eat all the M&M's?!

Old Sow said...

I just wish they'd keep condi the chickenhawk at home ALL the time. What a waste of DNA.

old sow said...

For that matter, fuck the chairs, fuck the empty candy dish. I want my country back. I hate these empty headed jerks in power.

Empty chairs would better represent the truth of US diplomacy.

mongrelkid said...
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Carmen Sutra said...

Discreetly not making eye contact with that last commenter...this photo would have been so much better if they'd left a gob of stale Gauloise cigarette butts in that ashtray/candy dish.

Does anyone know what the deal is with Middle Eastern photo ops and boxes of tissue? Is it all the dust and sand? Why do the photographers never catch anyone in mid blow?

mongrelkid said...

Avoid eye contact? Uh, I didn't intend to make anyone, er, uncomfortable.

I wish you luck in your quest for happy-snaps of a clot of saliva-smeared detritus [french butts, how very aspirational] discarded by the international oligorazzi.

Good luck also in pursuing your [very natural] curiosity regarding the impenetrable reasoning behind the suspicious lack of photographic evidence concerning diplomacrats engaging in the act of forcefully expelling the dust-and/or-sand-laden mucus from their respective nasopharyngeal cavities, despite the blatant provision of carefully placed boxes of tissue, doubtlessly intended for precisely this reason.

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