Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Agape Press Totally Hearts the ACLU

OK, so I saw this over at Agape Press today:

...and I thought, honestly, what would they do without the ACLU? They get nearly as much milage out of them as they from do all those marryin', adoptin', rootin'-tootin' hairdressers. So I figured that they'll be writing really soon about how the ACLU is now going to bat for Fred Phelps in a strange-bedfellows alliance which really ought to be made into the best sit-com ever immediately.

So anyway, I can't wait to see what the Agape Kidz say about the whole thing, because I'm sure they won't want to ignore a story about an organization they detest defending a Christian Activist who totally makes them want to crawl under a table and die. Stay tuned! Maybe!

UPDATE: Day 2, still no report! OMG, I'm surprised!

Day 3: Nope, nada.

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Pretty princess tori said...

I like how agape (Love of God) and agape (standing there with your mouth open in astonishment) are spelled the same. I am usually left agape at agape press.