Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sparkle Pony Interactive!

Which would you enjoy more?
An elegant sit-down dinner with Condoleezza Rice
Bloodthirsty ticks applied directly to your eyeballs
Awakening to find Charles Krauthammers' mutilated corpse in your bed
Flying in a helicopter with Tony Snow
Spontaneous finger loss
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In honor of Esquire's recent dinner date poll starring Condi which was reported everywhere despite its meaninglessness. Make your voice heard! Let freedom ring!

EDIT: Oh, oops, typo. *sigh* That's "Charles Krauthammer's mutilated corpse", obv.


Tony said...

I'm pretty partial to scabies myself. (I love your blog; I haven't been this entertained ina long time.)

sfmike said...

Why does hardly anbody seem to want to eat with Condi even when the alternatives are so, well, unappetizing? Brilliant survey, by the way.

Helpful Links For Growth said...

give me scabies anyday!! i'd probably be more entertained to what they were doing to my body than any conversation had with Ms. Rice.

dusty said...

hey..charlies head in my bed means that asshat is dead..I could go with that.

Karen Zipdrive said...

What exactly does scabies entail?
I am leaning toward that.

5th Estate said...

I voted for Krauthammer's head because I'd gladly sacrfice a $50 bed-linen set and momentary ickiness just to know he's been shut-the-hell-up for good!

Blog on, sparkle Pony!