Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cover Girl!

OMG, how did I miss this? And where can I get an issue? I dunno, because the National Black Republican Association doesn't seem to offer this Condilicious item for sale apart from signing up to join the association, which costs only $100, a price well within reach of the inner-city folks they're trying to wrangle. Please note the totally unapologetic use of the " their fruits" quotation. After all, the GOP knows that homophobia is their bestest strategy for appealing to the African American church crowd. Clever! Whoops, too bad about Katrina. Also, notice that this is the premier issue, and it's undated. How many more issues will they be able to squeak out?

All this made me curious about the NBRA, especially the paucity of info on their web site. Here is an article about how a bunch of mysteriously-unnamed people quit the board of directors. Ah, and here's an article in the official Republican/Moonie newspaper, the Washington Times, which mentions that the group " expected to have its first convention in February." Whoah, there's only a week left, people, better get a move-on!

EDIT: Wait a minute... according to, the event was supposed to take place on February 5, but I can't seem to find any evidence that it actually happened. In fact, I'm pretty sure it didn't. So... what happens when you organize a Black Republican Convention and nobody signs up? I guess you just quietly cancel it and hope nobody notices.


copperred said...

You know, I assumed this was you and Photoshop, but link following as I dutifully do, I behold it's real. WTF? Ok either Black Republicans sort of have a sense of humor, or you built the site. It's also weird given where their offices are. If my co-workers find out it's there, they might just go out and protest on their lunch break.

We have one obvious Republican in the entire agency, and we let him get away with things because we know what it's like to be a minority, but one is enough!

A Black Person said...

Larry Elder?!

Hey! I thought he was a Libertarian that DESPISES Republicans as much as Democrats! Interesting. I think he is a good target for Mike Rogers...we've already outed Armstrong Williams -- Elder would be a delightful prize as well.

Also, I think you hairdressers are underestimating the intelligence of the Black religious community. Sure, I can admit that we have our fair share of greedy, vainglorious, and self-centered ministers. But -- despite these ministers' protests to get the Black community to vote for Bush, 90% still voted Democratic (and the sheer number of Blacks who voted Republican decreased last election cycle). Black hets can say that homosexuality is evil and a sin and whatever, but they know that Bush hates them as well.

Also, the Black community's stats are pretty good compared to the 25% of hairdressers that voted for Bush (and regularly votes Republican) last election cycle. (Sorry if I appear confrontational. I also work for YOU somewhere in Atlanta, GA, home of the second largest concentration of hairdessers in the country. I lock horns daily with my white hairdresser counterparts over the supposed rightwing infiltration of my het counterparts. For some reason, they like to wiggle their fingers at Black folk and I have to remind them that they need to look in their own house before criticizing the Black community). Chris Crain, Jeff Gannon, Andrew Sullivan, Ken Mehlman...hello?!

You know...I think these Black Republican organizations are directed toward white moderates. If Ken Mehlman can convince the milquetoast moderate white yuppies that his party is in in line with their beliefs (the message is: "see Dick/Jane, we're so moderate that even some Black people vote for us!"). I've noticed that many of the Board of Directors of these purported Black Republican groups have white members. It justs seems suspicious to me.

Anyway, happy anniversary Sparklepony! Your site is always a refreshing break from the mindless ranting of other sites.


A Black Hairdresser

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Awesome, awesome comment. I believe you are correct.

Of course, the whole point of this blog is to provide flippant snark, and this was an irresistable target on many levels.

But your comment on GOP hairdressers is 100% on-target.

On the other hand, you absolutely cannot deny that hairdresserphobia is used by the right wing to appeal to religious Christian African Americans, and that the strategy is not ineffective.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Oh, oh... one more thing!

I was thinking about it, and one part of your comment does actually kinda rankle. You say "Black hets can say that homosexuality is evil and a sin and whatever, but they know that Bush hates them as well." It almost reads like you're saying, "It's OK that some blacks are homophobic as long as they keep voting Democrat." It seems like that's skirting a pretty big issue.

A Black Person said...

Hmmm...I reread my comment and it could be interpreted this way. The homophobia issue, though, is very loaded and I hope you don't mind a long comment:

First, let's keep in mind, though, that the gay marriage bogeyman was used to bait religious persons of all colors. Homophobia drew out many more Bubbas than LeRoys this last cycle.

I know that a lot of white hairdressers express surprise and dismay at the fact that Blacks are just as homophobic as whites being a fellow minority and all. Unfortunately, though, many in the Black community see the gay community (OK...dropping the euphemism) as a group of upper class white males who are attempting to appropriate the hard-won gains of the Civil Rights Movement.

And it is true. Many white gays can and still reap the benefits of white privilege because they can assimilate (keep in mind that all white gays cannot do this; one of my friends could not play it straight if he tried bless him -- don't forget the transsexuals, genderqueers, and butch women). I live in the South and many of my white gay coworkers and friends have admitted to "playing it straight" when in hostile situations like Whiteville, Alabama. However, if I went to Whiteville, I could not disguise (protect) myself from scrutiny and possible abuse. This perception makes the activism/organizing/educating work in the Black community difficult and frustrating.

In their zeal to join the white patriarchal majority, in the late 80s/early 90s the mainstream gay community packaged themselves as white, upper middle class, predominately male (though women without feminist politics are allowed) -- no longer a threat to the system. Instead of pursuing an agenda of liberalism and acceptance of all types of people as fundamental, the notion that equality should only be afforded to people who meet certain requirements predominated. Mattachine Society Redux!). Those who were different were pushed out.

While it has worked for has made it difficult for US. Openly gay Blacks are just as suspect as the Black Republicans in the eyes of socially conservative Blacks because it appears that we are serving a white leader. And, just when we were making some headway -- here comes that darned "downlow" crap. Thanks Oprah (grumble grumble)!

But, I'm optimistic. I am still a Spring chicken (26 -- ancient in gay years apparantly), but I think we adults who came of age in the first wave after the Civil Rights Movement are much more socially liberal and less religious than our parents/grandparents. I know the media loves to focus on the Fitty Cents and Reverend Greedyguts, but the Black community is more open-minded than this.

Also, there is a younger, out, and energetic generation of Black gay activists (we suffered heavy casualties due to the AIDS crisis and are trying to rebuild after losing an entire generation of artists and activists) that are challenging the status quo. But hey...this applies to gay activists of all colors, eh? It will get soon as the old bigots (of all colors) hurry up and die. But -- it may be some hope for the old parents and grandparents are more upset that I am an athiest than a homosexual. That's progress!

Sorry for posting these long comments and being a drag on a blog that is meant to be snarky and flippant. :)

sfmike said...

The Princess is not snarky and flippant. She is wise.

There are certain people who are most certainly a discredit to their clan/race/what-have-you but it shouldn't stop there. I think J. Edgar Hoover and Condi are pretty good examples of people who make one ashamed of the human race on a global level, just as they often shame fellow hairdressers or people-of-beautiful-color on a more micro level.

I'm a cockeyed optimist in certain respects. At least in California, teenagers don't seem to have the same racial stupidity or homophobic stupidity as people even ten years older than them. There's been some kind of sea change. When I heard that the word "gay" among teenagers had come to mean "old-fashioned, tired, out-of-date" rather than "homosexual" I knew that gay lib had not only won but was essentially over and finished.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Can't we all just get along???

dusty said...

Since I am neither black or a hairdresser I will refrain from commenting on this post.

Plus its way friggin early here on the left coast..I haven't had any coffee yet.

peacebug said...

so I note the NBRA website leads off its "black republicans" listing with martin luther king jr.
it says he registered as a republican in 1956.

interesting, if true.

I like how the neocons enthusiastically co-opt national icons, using a hero's fame as reflected glory. Respectable by association, as 'twere.

Pretty princess tori said...

Was not Lincoln a republican? Wonder why they don't trot that out.

amy said...


Insightful and hard-hitting political commentary (photoshops most definitely included)--that is why I visit PSP.

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