Friday, January 06, 2006

Metablogging: Sparkle Pony NOT Coming to a Crystal Ball Near You Anytime Soon

OK, so day before yesterday, I predicted that Robin Givhan would write about Jack Abramoff's wardrobe in the Washington Post, and today, sure enough, the article was published. So how did I do with the rest of my predictions? Other than guessing the article's very inevitability, not well, I'm afraid:
  • Was Dick Tracy and/or Warren Beatty mentioned? No, sadly, but the following fictional characters and movies are: Peter Pan*, Don Corleone, Red Scorpion, Red Scorpion II.
  • Was the word "gangster" bandied about? Again, no, but the following words do appear: mobster, crime boss, two-bit thugs, flashers, lawbreaker. The word "elegant" was not used.
  • The maker of the trenchcoat is not given, but the maker of the ballcap is.
  • Shoes are not mentioned, so I was right in that regard.
  • The fedora is not discussed at length.
Overall, I did really badly on this one, even if I guessed correctly that Ms. Givhan would be all over this "story". I'm also impressed that she totally sees through Abramoff's faux-chic. Still, I think my take on it was better. So there.

*Long-time Sparkle Pony readers know that a Peter Pan reference is not exactly reassuring.


dusty said...

Laughing my fat ass slay me..but I can not live without your blog now..i am addicted.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Peter Pan? Naw. 'Tankerbelle' maybe.

Brit said...

At least she didn't compare him to a stick of butter.

Pretty Princess tori said...

Princess, I think you totally did well. First of all you did predict the article, which was pretty good. Gangster wasn't mentioned but all of those other words are words you would find in a thesaurus for gangster. She mentioned the maker of something! Shoes were not mentioned but the fedora was. I think you are selling your prognosticative abilites short.