Friday, January 10, 2014

Callista Flashback!

(Image via the Twitter of the Supreme Moon Goddess)

You do realize that I check the Goddess Callista's Twitter every single day, right? Usually it's soooooo borrrrrrring, like looking forward to this signing and looking forward to this television appearance and Happy New Year from Ellis the Elephant and OMG, zzzzzzzz.

But yesterday, so good! For no reason whatsoever that I can discern, Cally decided that it was #throwbackthursday and posted the wonderful, wonderful picture of her and Newt "Gorilla trekking in Rwanda 2010."

There's so much to love in this picture. First, and obviously most importantly, LOOK HOW TOTALLY CUTE Callista's safari outfit is! And her hair is ADORBS as always, so spherical, so perfectly suited to that hat ("Where does one end and the other begin?" one wonders). And the sunglasses are everything you want Callista Gingrich sunglasses to be, really, when you think about it. Would you change a thing? NO, because you are still genuflecting to that picture, it is so perfect.

The other thing to love, of course, is how utterly crisp, clean, untouched by effort they are! You can totally tell that their "trek" featured not the slightest bit of physical exertion. Do you think they were carried around in a litter? Are you as strangely OK with that as I am? I worry about that hairdo out in the bush.

But weird, right? "Oh, hi, here's a three-year-old picture because whatever." I love it.



nixiebunny said...

Not only are they perfect, but the photo is perfect. I've never been able to take a picture outdoor in which the subjects' necks are as brightly lit as their noses.

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

No stains in them pits.

sleepy in saudi said...

How does she have perfect hair in the jungle?