Thursday, November 21, 2013

Left In Draft: Posts I Didn't Post

  • "Which Creationist Website Is Right For MY Child?"
  • Baffling post about white supremacists featuring picture of Yosemite Sam.
  • Answers to stupid Livejournal survey.
  • Post titled "Fan Mail" featuring picture of Elizabeth Crenshaw shown above. This triggers absolutely no memories whatsoever.
  • Review of Rick Santorum campaign merchandise.
  • Post bemoaning lack of fresh Condinews.
  • Xmas themed post winningly titled "Toys For Twats."
  • "Education Secretary Loses to Second-Rate, Washed-Up Sitcom Actor on Jeopardy"
  • Positive review of Diana Rogerson album.
  • Reminder that Alan Keyes thinks he's still running for president.
  • Something about somebody other than Condi doing a "Matching Armchairs Photo-Op".
  • Post about how much I hate Spencer Ackerman.
  • "Hairdo Equilibrium Stabilized"
  • "Hamid Karzai Reupholsters For Obama"
  • Redundant post about stupidity of Sarah Palin.
  • Post about strangeness of Texas Rep. Michael McCaul's daughters' wardrobes.
  • Elaborate Megan McCain conspiracy theory joke I forgot the punchline to as I was writing it.
  • "I'm Sorry, You Can't Come In. Your Boots Clearly Have Self-Esteem Issues"
  • Candidates for "Worst Painting In The National Gallery of Art" presented.
  • What if Michael Steele was accompanied by an interpretive mime?
  • Post about strangeness of Libyan menswear.
  • "Gay Minstrel Arrives In Riverdale"
  • "Most Thankless Job In Journalism: Sarah Palin Speech Transcriber"
  • Post about strangeness of official Donald Rumsfeld portrait.
  • Condi: "In Good Times, It's Also Important To Fall To Your Knees"
  • Post about strangeness of iTunes "Genius" song mixes, and how all roads, evidently, lead to Brian Eno..
  • Post about Tropicana orange juice packaging debacle.
  • Ugly Tour Bus photo too ugly to post.
  • "Arizona Politics Enters 'Penthouse Forum' Phase"
  • Positive review of recent albums by Wire and Gang of Four titled "Elderly Brits Make Good".
  • "Richard Cohen Would Like To Bask In Andrew Cuomo's Reflected Glory, Please"
  • Another interview with cartoonist Jim Woodring.
  • Appreciation of fashion designer Paul Smith.
  • Explanation of a gay-themed Tad Dorgan cartoon.
  • Favorite albums, 1976 (Abba, Blue Oyster Cult, Cluster, etc.).
  • Post about vandalism nostalgia titled "Statute Of Limitations, I Love You".


Civic Center said...

Though it's never wise to bring the workplace onto one's personal blog, the deleted post I want to see is: Candidates for "Worst Painting In The National Gallery of Art" presented.

Toriko said...

I would have liked to see either the gay-themed Tad Dorgan or the ugly tour bus.

Muscato said...

I mourn the loss of any post about upholstery, but also have to agree with Toriko - gay-themed Dorgan?

Peteykins said...

Yeah, I'll get back to that gay Tad cartoon. It's pretty surprising.

Diane Griffin said...

Any of the last 3 would work for me, plus Michael Steele's interpretive mime translator.

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

There's so many I'd love to see... Michael Steele's interpretive mine, Lybian menswhere, and Santorum's merchandise rank my tops.

Peteykins said...

Well... the moment has pretty much passed for the Michael Steele idea. The Santorum merchandise ended up being too boring to be funny, and I can't remember at all what inspired most of the others.

The "vandalism nostalgia" post will almost certainly be revisited. In fact, I have two great vandalism stories to tell. Unfortunately, both are rather incriminating.

Anonymous said...

"Post about how much I hate Spencer Ackerman" -- wish I'd seen this one from PSP, a 21st century luminary and master of the American language... Few are as vulgar and illiterate as Ackerman.

Peteykins said...

Haw, anonymous, I'm really pleased that somebody commented positively on that. I think Ackerman and Matt Yglesias have become my two least favorite "liberal" bloggers. But I found peace by just completely avoiding them.

Lately I'm tempted to write a post titled "Why I Hate Josh Marshall", because he just gets worse and worse and worse with each passing year.

choff said...

Whatever happened to Congressional Spouse?

ButchPansy said...

All roads do lead to Brian Eno.

dinthebeast said...

Ooo! Ooo! Can I tell a vandalism incrimination story? When they tore down the Central Freeway in SF, my friend B. lived just up the hill from the demolition on Fell St. So the day they closed it, he walked down the hill and sprayed "welcome to hell" on the concrete barricade.
The next morning at work, at a customer's house, B. sees his handiwork on the front page of the Chronicle, and asks the customer if he could have her copy. She asked him "Did you do that, young man?" to which B. replied "I have no knowledge of any illegal activity."

-Doug in Oakland

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I would like Tad Dorgan, and any posts that you describe using the word 'strangeness,' pretty please with sugar on top!

Anonymous said...

Please post candidates for "worst painting in the National Art Gallery".

Peteykins said...

OK, you guys, this is "posts I didn't post" for good reasons! This is not a request list.

Anonymous said...

HA!!HA!!@ request list. I was going to jump in with a request, but I know, so much time has passed, the moments are gone.

I'm happy to see newer posts from you, no matter what.


MrBadTrash said...

A day late and unwanted, but the hell with it, I'm casting my votes:

Nat'l Gallery
Tropicana o.j.
Jim Woodring
Tad Dorgan

and since I'm implicated in at least one of your vandalism stories, I'll go with Statute of Limitations for the daily double.
Remeber that one time in Tucson downtown, in broad daylight when we -- oh, nevermind.

samael7 said...

Tease, tease, tease, Peteykins. Especially with summaries like "I'm Sorry, You Can't Come In. Your Boots Clearly Have Self-Esteem Issues."

The emotional communication potential of footwear is vastly under-reported. You could have done the world a service.