Friday, July 16, 2010

Vaguely Shaky For Two Seconds!

So right, OMG, I felt it! Earthquake in DC!

I'm an early riser, up at 5AM. I had just put the coffee on and sat down to the internets when I felt... well, it felt like a big truck driving by, or the upstairs neighbors moving furniture or something. But I noted that I didn't hear any trucks drive by or any furniture being moved upstairs.

So two possibilities fleetingly crossed my mind: big explosion far away (yikes!)  or earthquake. Because even though it was brief and slight, I used to live in Southern California and I know what an earthquake feels like, and this felt the same. It made me nostalgic. I have to admit I never thought I'd feel one here, so I was indeed surprised when I saw the confirmation that it really was an earthquake. Fun!

To change the subject, sorry about the light posting lately! I'm in one of those "politics are boring me" phases. To make matters worse, my scanner gave up the ghost recently, and I've been relying on it for content to fill in during times when I can't be bothered with Sarah Palin and whatever. I miss posting, for instance, Random Nancy Panels™.  And I'm still getting used to my new camera, so I haven't been posting photos much, either.

So anyway, don't worry, I'll be posting more soon. Just think of it as the Dog Days of Summer blogging or something.

Happy Friday!


Matthew Hubbard said...

Did the local news mention a quake? Did they give a Richter scale reading?

Diane Griffin said...

Matty -- I just saw it mentioned in *our* local news.

Matthew Hubbard said...

I commented too soon. I went to the HuffPo and it was mentioned there minutes after the Pink Pony news flash.

This gives important hints about my browsing patterns and the order in which I get the news I can use.

And, by the way, it's being reported as a 3.6.

drew in sf (in hawaii) said...

Wasn't there a 5.something quake outside of Ottawa a month or so ago? What have the eastern capitals done to anger Vulcan?

Nixie Bunny said...

Terry's in Maryland, and she felt it too. It made her bed jump.