Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Words invented by William Shakespeare (partial):

  • Apostrophe
  • Assassination
  • Bloody
  • Castigate
  • Countless
  • Exposure
  • Generous
  • Laughable
  • Majestic
  • Monumental
  • Obscene
  • Premeditated
  • Sanctimonious

Words invented by Sarah Palin (complete?)

  • Lamestream
  • Refudiate


dinthebeast said...

She didn't even invent "lamestream". I can't remember for sure which blogger was using it first, but it may have been Jay at Ice Station Tango. Or not. But I know it wasn't her, because I remember reading a post about it being swiped. Probably unintentionally, as I don't imagine she reads many liberal blogs.

-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...


Yeah, it was IST.

-Doug in Oakland

Peteykins said...

Well, OK then.

Matthew Hubbard said...

I thought you might have wanted us to compare and contrast the outfits. The collar Bill is wearing is a little much, but that could just be the changing fashions of a few centuries talking. Even so, it doesn't distract nearly as much as the entire jewelry box of cheap shit that Sarah decided to put around her neck, both wrists and let dangle from her ears.

Extremely low rent.

As for Will's words, very sweet. How did you say "premeditiated" before he invented "premeditated"? Had to be a pretty long phrase, yeah? And what's a synonym for apostrophe?

Clearly, he was allotted a generous portion of genius, a monumental talent.

Civic Center said...

Where did you get that (partial) Shakespeare list? Every one of those words is among my favorites in the English language. "Refudiate" sounds like someone having multiple sex sessions with Elmer Fudd. Not appealing.

Anonymous said...

How many different ways does this woman need to prove that she is a dumbass before the dimbasses recognize her as such?

Actually, that's the problem isn't it? Gabba gabba.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I have coined some phrases inspired by Palin...
1. Douchiest
2. Bumfuckery
3. Tamponista
4. Intellumptual
5. Whoremonal
6. Walmartian
7. Moosegina

Peteykins said...

I like "Intellumptual" a lot.

rbohemian said...

Lost in all this talk about invention is this question that's been bothering me: Does it even count as inventing a word if, really, you're just a dumbass who screwed up and meant to say something else? I mean, don't you think she was actually trying to say "repudiate" and is just so effin' stupid that she thought it really was supposed to be "refudiate"? (Actually, really lost in all this conversation is the fact that the mosque isn't even located at Ground Zero, and this is all bullshit, but that's what Sarah Palin does to intelligent discourse!)

Glennis said...

Palin's necklaces do look a little like Shakespeare's patronness, though:

Queen Elizabeth I

Homer said...

She is a flawful person.

samael7 said...

I like "tamponista" as well as "intellumptual."

They are perfectly cromulent words.