Tuesday, February 16, 2010


(AP Photo, 11-01-08)

Here's a level-headed analysis* of Sarah Palin's teabagger speech:

Sarah Palin said a number of things with which any conservative could heartily agree - but these were for the most part glittering generalities without specifics.

Downsizing government was mentioned without examples of how or what to downsize. She talked about getting government to live within its means but there was no talk about eliminating the bureaucracy needed to lower taxes [...]

So true! But here's the rub: the above was written by the CEO of the John Birch Society. The lesson learned is that Sarah Palin is so wacky and content-free that she makes the Birchers –the Birchers!– seem rational and profound by comparison.

Also: she will now view them as her mortal enemies (among many) FOREVER.

*Well, not completely; just the part I quoted.


desertwind said...

Ha ha!

The Birchers are mad 'cause she turned down their invite to CPAC when they didn't offer her an honorarium.

True. I read it on the internet.

Diane Griffin said...

The Mooseburger Lady is over now.

Anonymous said...

He lost me with his next sentence, where he says the terrorists are run out of Moscow. Guess not much has changed in their reality bubble over the decades...

Karen Zipdrive said...

If she wants to reduce the size of government so damn much, she should start by bowing out of it.
True, she did quit her 'governing' job, but now she should quit acting like a politician and go back to being a family values Christian housewife.
Ha. As if.

section9 said...

Whoaaaaa! I thought I'd drop by here to see if there were still plenty of True Believers in the Dear Leader's Personality Cult. I wasn't disappointed.

Yup. Plenty of suckers here to go around. The Shephard Fairey Mao poster should have been a tipoff to you people.

But it wasn't. Your God has Failed. Too bad that all you have left is to make Palin the Enemy of The People.