Thursday, January 14, 2010

Book Shelf: GQ Scene Magazine, Fall 1967, Part 2

Let's continue with our complete scan of The GQ Scene fab teen mag from 1967. Page 14 continues the story on the San Francisco music scene. It's great that they use the term "acid test" but, since it's a teen magazine, totally fudge the definition. And, again, an amusing juxtaposition with some exceptionally square youth in a guitar ad (click any for bigger):

San Francisco article continues, another guitar ad, acne exploitation ad:

Middle of the road shoes. I like the black wingtip with the buckle:

So far the mag is very music-centric. It was published, after all, just after the "Summer of Love"™, so here's an article about drums and yet another square-looking guitar ad:

More guitars, more drums, and a corduroy sport coat:

Teen hair-straightening tips for boys and, as if in example, an ad featuring Janis Ian and Laura Nyro

Advice on buying a used car and an awesome ad for excellent slacks:

Used car article continues and still another guitar ad:

Used car article (OK, this is admittedly the low point of the magazine) and a very exciting ad for polyester pants:

End of part two! Part three will be tomorrow, and that's when we'll get to the fantastic fashion spreads and exquisite plaid sport coats. Also: an article about pirate radio by Thomas Disch! Stay tuned!

Recap: part one, part two, part three, part four, part five.


Fran said...

Male makes it exciting! I'll say!!

This has been so fab - thanks Peteykins!

Matthew Hubbard said...

The guy in the Vox ad has the long hair, the stylish glasses, the iconoclastic tie and of course the guitar... and I still think there's a chance he's not getting laid.

Maybe he needs a better pair of pants.

Diane Griffin said...

rock nerd here -- by this time, Paul McCartney had switched over to a Rickenbacker bass: He wasn't playing the Hofner very much in those days (though of course he plays it now, and the only possible reason for that is that it's a trademark McCartney fashion accessory, so... yeah, but still.) The "square looking" band in the ad with the tv cameras was "the Hi-5", who really didn't do much, but their single has been anthologized. I think their look is pretty contemporary. Also, I think vox guitars are so ugly...

Diane Griffin said...

I find I have to correct myself. Those aren't Vox guitars, they're Domino guitars! I hadn't seen that brand before & there are a couple of things in the line that are obviously Vox copies... Their most distinctive model is the one featured in the ad which was named "The Californian Rebel", which is hideous, imo. Here's an article on this line of guits:

Diane Griffin said...

OK, one last comment and then I'll shut the f up -- really looking forward to the Disch article! I love his SF stuff -- On Wings of Song is one of my favorite novels ever.

Peteykins said...

Madduane, no apologies necessary! I love that you know about this stuff! You'll love the Disch piece.