Friday, February 20, 2009

M4M: Tempermental Actor Seeks Bearded Daddy for HOT Assassinaction!

If you're not a hairdresser, you may need to ask your stylist why this is hilarious:

(click for 1200x900)

Or you may wish to very carefully Google the word "Manhunt." There isn't much I can do or say to make the Newseum's banner funnier, but it's impossible to resist this tiny edit:

So if you go to the Newseum and you notice some of their more... flamboyant... staff members collapsing in giggles, now you'll know why.

UPDATE: A coworker remarked, "They're never going to get any hits with those profile pictures."


HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

oh my god that's f-ing hillarious. Wonder if Abe's profile says if he's cut or uncut?

Anonymous said...

I'll go with uncut.

bemused said...

Uncut? How could he not be a follower of the covenant of Abraham?

Alikchi said...

unlock your pics plz or i'll shoot u at theatre >:K

Civic Center said...

I disagree with your coworker. Mr. Booth looks quite sexy with that 70s porno moustache.