Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maybe We'll Get Some Use Out of the Bill Richardson Facial Hair Alert System After All

Yes! Important Bill Richardson facial hair info comes via Joe Monahan in New Mexico:

We wondered Tuesday if Big Bill's beard is back. Indeed it is, reports Bill Dupuy, news director at Santa Fe public radio station KSFR-FM. He sent along an audio clip in which the New Mexican's Steve Terrell asks Bill "if the beard is back." The Guv responds in the affirmative. And the proof is on the gubernatorial cheeks as seen in the photo snapped by the New Mexican and we posted here.

Here's the photo:


Monahan continues:

And if that isn't enough proof, former barber Preciliano Martin is one of our blog readers and says:

As a former barber who now wears a beard I am here to tell you he is growing it back. And odds are it is here to stay. Once you wear a beard, it is hard to get rid of. Going without exposes the double chins and jowls that you did not notice before you grew a beard the first time. And if Obama said Bill looked better with it, well there you go.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Didn't Al Gore gain weight and grow a beard after Bush stole the election from him?
I think growing a beard is the female equivalent of getting a really short, spiky haircut.
It's the ultimate fuck you. :)

rptrcub said...

Yes, Karen. And I, of course, being of that wonderful hairy subculture, welcomed Al Gore's beardness. It started all sorts of professor/student fantasies.

However, Bill's transitional period to full beard-ance doesn't look so pretty.

There also have been a boatload of culture/society stories about how men their 20s and early 30s are growing beards -- something about reclaiming masculinity from the clutches of metrosexuality. Usually the beard is combined with classic fashions -- vests, pea coats, etc. -- these days.

Lau said...

Well, my understanding re: Al Gore's beard was that he decided to take surgical measures to reduce chins and jowliness, and that one can't really shave while these things heal. Though I am independently in favor of beards for certain men.

The idea of young bearded men responding to metrosexuality is an interesting one, but it must be said that most of the young men I know with beards are easily identifiable hipsters, generally living in Brooklyn. I have been told the idea there is that the slums hipsters must, perforce, live in are the new frontier these tight-panted woodsmen are reclaiming.

And I am now realizing just how much time I've put into reflecting on men's facial hair.

dguzman said...

Are you sure this isn't just a mugshot? He looks like hell!

Anonymous said...

If any face justified the presence of a beard, it's Big Bill's. He's as jowly as a pelican without it.

Lulu Maude said...

Guys are so lucky; they can cover weak and/or multiple chins with cute, fuzzy facial hair. Bill's definitely doing the right thing.

I wish him the best in contesting the charges that kept him out of Commerce. He's a very knowledgeable guy. And I know that you would like to have him closer, Pony dear.

Inferno said... did I miss this?

I don't care if the transitional period looks like ass. FUCK YES the Facial Hair Alert System is getting some usage!

...not gonna lie, the first thing I thought when I heard Bill was pulling out of the running for Commerce was that the FHAS wasn't going to get any use. And somehow, that made me sadder than anything. Though I think he'll look better with the beard - not saying anything, but boy has about as many chins as a Chinatown phone book.